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Someone Like You - Pokemon ♡Soulsilvershipping♡ - Complete by _LisaNguyen_
Someone Like You - Pokemon ♡Soulsi...by ღLisa Nguyenღ
[Will be edited eventually] I couldn't wait to go on a journey and become Champion of Johto. It would've been a dream come true, achieving a goal some people couldn't do...
Golden Time | Gold x Reader [Pokémon] by luna_5oo
Golden Time | Gold x Reader [Pokém...by я_кσgαмι
A young man was badly injured after getting into a car incident and was immediately brought to the hospital; treated, but that wasn't enough. You - Y/N L/N - are in char...
A Champions Love (Red x Reader) by Calm_Espeon
A Champions Love (Red x Reader)by Calm_Espeon
The main description of your past will be in the first chapter. When that takes place, you'll be 5 years old. Hello! It's me again! You might know me from my other stor...
How I Met You by Writedifferent
How I Met Youby Writedifferent
(Ship GoldXLyra/ EthanXLyra) Ethan, a teenage pokémon trainer, travels with Lyra, a girl he had known for years. They were the best of friends, even if lots of kids tea...
I Hate Everything About You {Pokemon Fan-Fic} (PKMN Watty Best Romance 2013) by Master_Of_Illusions
I Hate Everything About You {Pokem...by Ryan
I'm a 16 year old girl, by the name of Umber. And yes, I realize that its a boy name! But anyways, I've been assigned a mission, which is a lot harder than it seems. I t...
Forgotness...(Preciousmetalshipping) 💙 by KisekiTheRoyal259
Forgotness...(Preciousmetalshippin...by KisekiTheRoyal259
Silver disappears for a really long time. Gold misses Silver a lot but suddenly he got the strength to move on to an another life. When Silver returns, Gold had forgot a...
Just a Dream - Pokemon ♡Soulsilvershipping ♡ by _LisaNguyen_
Just a Dream - Pokemon ♡Soulsilver...by ღLisa Nguyenღ
[Sequel to Someone Like You] After three years, Lyra wakes up from her coma; and with her newly acquired information, she must stop the awaited future from happening. Al...
Ah, the Wonders (Pokemon- Rival Silver X Nervous! Sad! Reader Fanfiction) by MochaBliss12
Ah, the Wonders (Pokemon- Rival Si...by Mocha
You were shy. He was hot-headed, stoic, and over-confident. He was a grump. You were usually calm. You were opposites. But ever heard Opposites attract? Heeeyyaaaa! Tha...
Pokemon Oneshots by HatterReloaded
Pokemon Oneshotsby Hatter
All oneshots featuring Pokemon are found inside~! Various pairings and ideas~
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Aurelia's Heart // Pokemon fanfiction by bobapearIs
Aurelia's Heart // Pokemon fanfict...by ☕️
🌸 Aurelia Young is a seventeen-year-old girl who was given a starter of her own from the esteemed Professor Elm in exchange that she would help him with his research on...
Another time around (a Pokemon fan fiction) by songgirl147
Another time around (a Pokemon fan...by Deedee
13 year old Lauren Dagani is the best at just about everything out there. She is the most famous kid in the world and proud of it. And for the most part it's gone to her...
YouSuck x GoDie by Rose_The_Serperior
YouSuck x GoDieby I'm Composer, chicken-biscuit...
Here is a beutiful story of romance and stuff. (btw these are the names i gave myself and my rival in Pokemon HeartGold ) It also has my HeartGold team. Don't judge me. ...
Pokèmon HeartGold Nuzlocke Story by Epic_Z_thecoolbruh
Pokèmon HeartGold Nuzlocke Storyby Epic_Z_thecoolbruh
This will be a story of my Pokèmon HeartGold Nuzlocke Playthrough, including my reactions too.
Pokemon - Luke's Adventure by MarcusHowell
Pokemon - Luke's Adventureby Marcus Howell
"Pokemon - Luke's Adventure" follows a new trainer from Alazela Town who gets their starter Pokemon from Professor Solan. Follow Luke as he travels through th...
Pokémon Game Review by PokemaniacPotato
Pokémon Game Reviewby PokémaniacPotato
I am going to review all the Pokémon games i have ever played! Everything from DS to Switch! So stay tuned for that!
Pokémon Music Talk-Johto-Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver by GemBrigade12
Pokémon Music Talk-Johto-Pokémon H...by GemBrigade12
This is a talk about and ranking of music from the HGSS games. Enjoy!!
Starry Eyes Series  by PoetsFireSaen
Starry Eyes Series by PoetsFireSaen
This is my first update, hope you like my poetry. I have a facebook and a niume. Check my niume out for more work if you like this. Add me on facebook if you want to tal...