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Elysian by mecrazynever
Elysianby K
Dreams, wishes, aspirations, destiny, and everything that made life worth living. Since Iris Kane was little she read stories and fairytales where the princess would wi...
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Winning My Way Back by AfrahShah
Winning My Way Backby Afrah
⏪"Truth or Dare, Justin?" I ask, even though it's technically Joanne's turn. "Dare," he says, meeting my gaze. "I dare you to kiss me" In m...
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Love House by QwertyLaine
Love Houseby Ate Meme
Brokenhearted+Drunk=Wedding?! Ito ang nangyari sa dalawang taong minalas sa pag-ibig. Ang buong akala ni Serenity ay magiging maayos na ang lahat dahil sa kabaitang tagl...
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Friends [On Going] by Miss_Lalaland
Friends [On Going]by I Purple You💜
Abby a girl who's happily in a relationship suddenly gets dumped by her boyfriend then meets a stranger who she never knew would be someone important to her someday. Sh...
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Red Flags: Tyler by couldbtrue
Red Flags: Tylerby CouldBTrue
Sometimes we're too in love to accept the warning signs. This is part one of a series of short stories about red flags Shelby chose to ignore. Let's start with Tyler.
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Limitless Love by VarainaXlove
Limitless Loveby Bollyonline
Veer and Rohan are twin brother who is different from each other. They are two different personalities of a person. There is no love in them only hate. They hate each ot...
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On The Fly by SofieNix
On The Flyby Sophia Janix
Hindi ko siya minahal sa oras na uli kaming nag kita. Ginamit ko ang libro ni inay upang bumalik sa nakaraan. Nagtataka ba kayo kung bakit hindi ko siya sa present minah...
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New Rules // Brennen Taylor by brkengirl_
New Rules // Brennen Taylorby 𝖚𝖓𝖐𝖔𝖜𝖓
Allison Castee is the little sister of the famous, adventurous YouTuber known as Elton Castee. After a horrible breakup, she moves to California to spend some time with...
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Driven By Love by Elizalin45
Driven By Loveby Elizabeth Balogun
Kelly Clarkson 👧, a total nerd 📖📕 with not a single friend, gets paired with the School's bad boy 🚬💊, Kyle Anderson 👦, for a class project. This starts off the beg...
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The boss  by rinah_99
The boss by rinah_99
An Arrogant, rude , rich man falls inlove with one of his Employees when he least expected it. Rinah also falls inlove with him when she least expected it, she stopped...
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Bittersweet Love by mamta_tripathi
Bittersweet Loveby Mamta Tripathi
Distance a beautiful yet painful word. Distance helps you realize the worth of something, but if created intentionally will cause you to lose something beautiful which y...
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Fading Love || Poetry  by pallaviii_14
Fading Love || Poetry by Pallavi Pawar
This is a small collection of poems & quotes written by me about love, heartbreak and self-love ©all rights reserved to the author
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Eight a.m.  - The After Party by OniNee
Eight a.m. - The After Partyby OniNee
[I care I always will but I don't think I will ever want to be this close again I will only get burned in the end] My first ever original book. It will be available soo...
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Hold Me Tight  /BTS/ by gleijn
Hold Me Tight /BTS/by Laejin
A story that spans for 10 years. A story that depicts school, love, work, dream, passion, agony, heartbreak, and reality. A story that revolves around different people i...
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Last Cry (Melancholy Series #1) by Rurukinekzie
Last Cry (Melancholy Series #1)by Nats
Connor Hayes, a student who used to be an ultimate womanizer. He broke hearts for his happiness. He loves to make girls cry not until she meet Azikee. Because of her, he...
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Hold Me While You Wait by JasriienJordan
Hold Me While You Waitby sherien
The lake house didn't exactly hold many good memories for Elis, so she hated that her parents decided to spend the entirety of summer at the place in which her brother d...
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The toxin in her eyes by themysteriousflyer
The toxin in her eyesby Veronica Victoria Marie Grego...
this story is about a group of teenagers going to celebrate a party in a haunted house which changed their defination of life due to a mystery that is linked with them.
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Already Gone  by locaroyal
Already Gone by sam
Coming from Spain, Sam has decided to study in United Kingdom for college. She got accepted into one of the top schools in the world, the University of Cambridge. As she...
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A highschool graduate, Hope Rivera just graduated and is looking forward for a future of her dreams. After all she carries a very big baggage that no one can imagine hav...
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