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My Master~ by CitrusMyLife
My Master~by Citrus Lover
"Wh-why are you getting closer M-master?" Yuzu asked as Mei pinned her against the wall and leaned in slowly. Yuzu blushed deeply staring deeply into her purpl...
Citrus Oneshots by CitrusMyLife
Citrus Oneshotsby Citrus Lover
I decided to create citrus short stories just for fun. Hope you all enjoy
I'll Protect You Forever by CitrusMyLife
I'll Protect You Foreverby Citrus Lover
This is my first citrus story I ever made and so excited! Werewolves are trained to protect vampires. Yuzu is a werewolf who lost her parents when she was young and had...
Citrus: Happy Ending With Mei? by BlueGreen_Mist
Citrus: Happy Ending With Mei?by Kristy And Kai
Yuzu later realized that Mei and her was already married. After so, Yuzu find their married life not really that easy for them. Struggles against their relationship and...
Psycho For You by CitrusMyLife
Psycho For Youby Citrus Lover
Sequel to "Her Psycho" (WARNING: FUTANARI AND VIOLENCE INVOLVED!) After getting kidnapped, Yuzu tries her best to survive and play along with Mei even though M...
Your Our Little Brat by daniel790201
Your Our Little Bratby Groundpounder
Warning: SMUT, INCEST, THREESOME "PAPA MAMA! W-Where are you going!" Little Matsuri said running to them. "Matsuri..Papa and Mama are going to let this ni...
Citrus Characters That  I Made And I Kinda Coppy Some Citrusmylife Characters by WilliemSwanCullen
Citrus Characters That I Made And...by Shio
Characters in the stories i will publish yeah i got bored and make this i even make this when i am writing the untold truth
Her Psycho by CitrusMyLife
Her Psychoby Citrus Lover
WARNING: FUTANARI! After Mei left Yuzu heartbroken, Yuzu ended up forgetting about her but still had memories of her. Mei married Udagawa and inherited the Academy just...
Don't Leave, I Need You by CitrusMyLife
Don't Leave, I Need Youby Citrus Lover
(TeacherxStudent) "Y-you're my student...we can't be anything" Mei said looking down holding her chest feeling her heart ache "Then why did you kiss me...
Why Her? by CitrusMyLife
Why Her?by Citrus Lover
Two enemies, that been in war for many years, have decided to put their families together through marriage. The Okogi clan and Aihara clan will finally get along by gett...
Because I Love Her by CitrusMyLife
Because I Love Herby Citrus Lover
(Sequel to "Why Her?") The Kingdoms have been getting stronger and the married Queens have been getting closed each day. But will their love be strong enough t...
Senpai~ by CitrusMyLife
Senpai~by Citrus Lover
WARNING: FUTANARI Matsuri has spent her life alone filled with hate and fear. The only person she ever felt a connection with was Harumin for an odd reason but once she...
My Little Psycho by CitrusMyLife
My Little Psychoby Citrus Lover
Sequel to the story "My Little Cutie" "Leave her alone!" Shai shouted as she held Hinria. Himeko teared up and clenched her fists tightly "Are...
My Little Cutie by CitrusMyLife
My Little Cutieby Citrus Lover
This is a Shai x Himeko story After getting rejected by her childhood friend, Himeko felt upset and angry as well. Not only because Mei rejected her but because she lost...
My Bad Girl 2 by CitrusMyLife
My Bad Girl 2by Citrus Lover
8 years past by and it seems that Harumin is really having a good life. She's now 24 and became a great successor and has her own company. Her family are really proud of...
Citrus: Happy Ending? by colesuperior
Citrus: Happy Ending?by cole
After Mei left Yuzu with a letter, Yuzu was devestated and decided to go a nearby pub and some unexpected things happened. Will Mei and Yuzu have a Happy Ending?
Don't Need You, Leave Me by CitrusMyLife
Don't Need You, Leave Meby Citrus Lover
Sequel to "Don't Leave, I Need You" "What the hell do you want?" Yuzu asked glaring at her "Y-you're back..." Mei mumbled "Whatever j...
My Love~ by CitrusMyLife
My Love~by Citrus Lover
(Third Story of "My Master~" story. If you haven't read my two other stories before this one then please read them ^^) The couples are finally married. After y...
Desire~ by CitrusMyLife
Desire~by Citrus Lover
Sequel to "Senpai~" (WARNING: FUTANARI) Everyone's memories have been erased but not completely erased. Mostly memories about the angels and demons have been e...