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Howling To The Moon ~ Remus Lupin x Reader by AwesomeAppaloosa
Howling To The Moon ~ Remus Lupin...by lokiaintdead
You are eleven years old, hidden in your basement hiding from your abusive parents. A knock at your door draws your attention before you hear your mother call your name...
SAUDADE|| A Fred Weasley Story  by hogwartsbitchxoxo
SAUDADE|| A Fred Weasley Story by stevienicksisawitch
SAUDADE (n.) A nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved then lost; "the love that remains" Fabienne...
I need to know- Dramione by loveydoveyelena
I need to know- Dramioneby loveydoveyelena
Draco is the ladies man who gets all of the girls with his looks, then moves on to the next girl. He never stays with one girl. There's only one thing, he's never been t...
Weasley | Harry Potter Year 1 by mightdeletethis
Weasley | Harry Potter Year 1by Follow_Your_Heart
The night James and Lily Potter were killed, Jennifer Black gave up her life to save Jenna Black, the Girl who Lived. There was just one slight problem. No one knew that...
Carpe diem by heIIokittys
Carpe diemby cissa
NARCISSA BLACK : seize the day, boys. make your lives extraordinary. © narcissa ( 2020 )
deal with it. by cursedbydumbledore
deal with it.by elli
Alfred Finnegan Granger crosses the gates of Hogwarts for the first time. After the unexpected encounter on the Hogwarts Express, his nervousness increases with every s...
life as a background character  by takemyusernamefs
life as a background character by takemyusernamefs
your life as a background character in the Harry Potter cinematic universe🥰
Charlotte Mar || Little Mix 5th Member by Cobra_Kai_2020
Charlotte Mar || Little Mix 5th Me...by Cobra_Kai_2020
A story in which Little Mix has a 5th member and she is the twin sister of YouTuber Talia Mar.
imagine draco scenarios by emilia28828
imagine draco scenariosby emerlyn wolfhard
in which i make imagine draco scenarios. be sure to leave suggestions!! <33 ~emerlyn
sinful bliss | DRAMIONE AU by AjPunkx
sinful bliss | DRAMIONE AUby AjPunkx
Hermione Weasley-Granger has her dream life, married with a perfect job. She's got everything she's ever wanted! But something was missing. Romance, lust, affection? R...
hopelessly devoted to you • ron weasley by futuremrsronweasley
hopelessly devoted to you • ron we...by weasley luvr🥰
Ron fanfic in the works! 15 year old Grace Mabrey, the cousin of Hermione Granger, has lived in America for the majority of her life, attending the Ilvermorny School of...
A Diary Through Hogwarts by Sam--C
A Diary Through Hogwartsby Sam--C
An owl! I sped to the window and untie the letter from the owl. "Mum! Mum! I've got it!" I cried as I ran downstairs still in my pyjamas. --- *The franchise be...
Muliti Era Diary Entries by -blue_rose_princess
Muliti Era Diary Entriesby 🌌Sarah S.🌌
Inspired by @Pointsetta15 Where I Write Diary Entries about Characters, between Single Character; Ships, and More, there will be a Request Page before My Demo Entry. Ple...
My Ships For Harry Potter! by Xx1Nv151bL3_W0LF13xX
My Ships For Harry Potter!by {•|Xx|·Drairron|Lover|_|Bitch...
This book has all of my ships for Harry Potter. You may not like them all, so please don't judge. I do not accept hate and discrimination. It will not effect me. Thank y...
Secrets [Dramione] {DISCONTINUED} by GhostKing411
Secrets [Dramione] {DISCONTINUED}by Alina Zamara
Ever since the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco have maintained decency for each other. Not because they want to, because they have to. Draco has promised Hermione...
The Fault in our Marks by DracosBitch1
The Fault in our Marksby Draco's Bitch
She was The brightest witch of their age. He was a troubled Pure-Blood. Despite their differences and their past, when all else fails they find comfort in each other, bu...
Dear Ron by AnoukVissers
Dear Ronby Anouk
you've been best friends with Ron since your first year at hogwarts, but is your friendship strong enough for a love story or a disaster?
True Rebellion (Harry Potter) by loveydoveyelena
True Rebellion (Harry Potter)by loveydoveyelena
So this is basically Divergent (the credits for the original plot and the general frame of the story goes to Veronica Roth) but with a Harry Potter Twist. I would like t...
Treacherous Plans by frog-pog
Treacherous Plansby moss B)
!!!!NOT A GRINDELNEWT!!!! just because I haven't seen one like this yet, here you go. very canon divergent from chapter two, unsure about if I'm going to add any ships s...
Hogwarts- A History Volume 1: The Beginning by Knight_of_Britannia
Hogwarts- A History Volume 1: The...by Sayantan Debnath
Are you ready for an Epic adventure with our Heroes? Are you ready to dive into the Abyss of Chaos to claim the greatest weapon of all time? Are you ready to witness the...