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A Hand To Hold (1) by SnowMione18
A Hand To Hold (1)by Ravenclaw Princess
At the start of fourth year, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are ready to begin the new year filled with magic. When Harry suddenly gets chosen for the Twizard Tournament, Ron...
The Love Potion by voidhermione
The Love Potionby Harmione Enthusiast
When Hermione Granger decides to give her life-long friend Harry Potter a check up since his line of work was rather dangerous, she discovers that the only real danger t...
Child of Azkaban by Mysticheartsoul
Child of Azkabanby Mystic heart soul
Harry Potter has always been hated. His parents hated him that was why they sent him to Azkaban with all the dementors. But what happens when they have the wrong savior...
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The Family That Lived by SaPHireXmoONliGhT
The Family That Livedby BLXEBERRI
A Harry and Hermoine, James and Lily, Sirius and Remus fanfic _______________________________________________________________ What if James did not forget his wand...
Forest of Dean {Harry & Hermione fic; COMPLETE}  by Bibliowitch
Forest of Dean {Harry & Hermione f...by Suzie
The setting starts off right after Ron leaves the horcrux hunt because of false pretenses but will those pretenses be false after all? A HarryxHermione fic
Rhiannon by voidhermione
Rhiannonby Harmione Enthusiast
Three years ago, Harry Potter vanished from the wizarding world without a trace. Just three weeks before Hermione found out she was expecting their first child. Now he's...
Halloween Love || ✓|| by your_localfriend
Halloween Love || ✓||by Mr. clownie
A special Halloween story, Harmione fanfic. Thank you for 2.06k reads ❤️😭 {• =🎖️= • } #11- harryxhermione #1- harmione Started: 19 October 2020 Completed: 28 October 2...
Padfoot and Prongslet by thisisjisoosbible
Padfoot and Prongsletby 니니
Have you ever wondered what would've happened if Sirius Black hadn't let Hagrid take Harry that night Lily and James died? Have you ever wondered what Harry's life would...
I'm Here For You by annieowlpony
I'm Here For Youby annieowlpony
Summer after 5th Year, Hermiome begins to have some sort of mental flashbacks to the night of the ministry attack, the horrors she saw and the pain she felt. Of all peo...
Revived Emperor by RedApples0995
Revived Emperorby RedApples0995
Michael Potter isn't the subject of the prophecy it was his twin brother, Harry. The light needed him to ensure their victory against Voldemort but there is a slight p...
Uncle Siri by Red_Baguette_24
Uncle Siriby Co-Host of Book-Sins
What if Sirius Black, friend to The Potters', took in Harry Potter (their son) when Lily and James were murdered ruthlessly by Lord Voldemort? What if our young hero wa...
A crack in the glass, shatters the past {A Hermione and Harry fanfic} by Bacon_boomer
A crack in the glass, shatters the...by Bacon 🥓
After the final battle Hermione turns away from the wizarding world, why? After years hiding in the muggle world Harry tracks her down and tries to convince her to retur...
Oblivious- A Harmione Fan Fiction by _harry_pottah_
Oblivious- A Harmione Fan Fictionby harry pottah 🥺
It Could Have Gone That Way; A Harmione Fanfiction by hollyc_284
It Could Have Gone That Way; A Har...by :)
ON HOLD Sometimes, even the Wizarding World makes mistakes. Sometimes, even the greatest wizards and brightest witches can be wrong. Perhaps they knew they were wrong. P...
Yuletide Blessing in Disguise by GandalfsBeard
Yuletide Blessing in Disguiseby Gandalf's Beard
When Harry panics about finding a dance partner for the Yule Ball, McGonagall takes charge...
together✨ by Thegoldentrio31
together✨by Thegoldentrio31
this story revolves around harry and sirius bond.it starts from harry's 3rd year.the primary relationship is harmione coz i find them cute.i do not own anything.harry po...
Harmione Reunion by UnicornPrincess588
Harmione Reunionby UnicornPrincess588
Book two in my Reunion Series. After the war is won Harry and Hermione travel to Australia to save her parents but fall in love. 20 years later the Grangers invite them...
The list by moon_rose_petals
The listby sara
The List named everyone who thought they were a couple. In other words, all of Hogwarts. Now Harry and Hermione have to prove that they're just friends. The only problem...
Shadow Walks |h.p/h.g| by TheGxldenTrio
Shadow Walks |h.p/h.g|by Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
In the five years since the Final Battle, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley have struggled to cope with the mysterious disappearance and apparent death of Hermione Granger. T...