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Stop Talking- Kangri Short Story  by Hyperkatie23
Stop Talking- Kangri Short Story by katelyn
"Stop Talking." "Why?" "Your voice makes me feel weird." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both characters, (Hari and Kang-Lim) are fro...
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Chronostasis Oneshots by Tordoholic
Chronostasis Oneshotsby ミ★ 🅣🅞🅡🅓 ! ˎˊ-
A series of oneshots for a certain arrow-head haired Yakuza right-hand man- I felt bad for veering away from a Chrono x Reader Oneshot in my Overhaul Oneshot book, so I...
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my boy - tracob by purelyphoebe
my boy - tracobby 🥀🥀🥀
jacob needs to change and doesn't know it but troye does.
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Parinayanantaram by rukrish
Parinayanantaramby Ru Krish
Highest #138 in Romance 07/05/2018 Marriages are made in heaven! (I am not sure of that) But unfortunately, it's side effects; we face on Earth. And ... they resemble He...
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Bon Appetite||Chronostasis x Reader|| by bleachedeyebrow
Bon Appetite||Chronostasis x Reade...by 💪👁👅👁👊
So I brought back the vampire story I had a while back, but instead of OverhaulxReader it's ChronostasisxReader. Since I have already have an Overhaul story, I'm gunna m...
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Cute scenarios with adorable couples by pindahoofd
Cute scenarios with adorable coupl...by pindahoofd
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The title says it all...
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Hari Potter and The Doctor by JadePotter26
Hari Potter and The Doctorby Jade Elizabeth Potter
She the girl-who-lived, Gryffindors Golden Girl, and the Doctors companion? One-shot where Hari's classmates discover her traveling with the doctor.
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#PapaRappaRights by bleachedeyebrow
#PapaRappaRightsby 💪👁👅👁👊
everyone stand for our national anthem A DAY IN THE LIFE OF RAPPA IS BEING BIG PAPA- u may all me seated
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HayaRyuu Love Collection by SashaAnastasya
HayaRyuu Love Collectionby Sasha kakkoi chan
Part 1 : Jadian?!!! ...
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Our universe composes of different elements. Light, Air, Water and Fire are the common elements, but it has twelve elements that the universe made up of. Every elements...
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Blue haired maiden by nashmia123
Blue haired maidenby nashmia123
Red and blue so different yet in a way similar. Because they are unique. Unique girls with their own personalities. But similar stories that just happen to cross paths...
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Mantan adalah alumni hati yang tidak bisa dipungkiri lagi kehadirannya. bayang-bayangnya selalu saja menghantui setiap langkah dalam hidupmu.
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CHS2 (Catatan Hati Sang Santri) by yusufannasir
CHS2 (Catatan Hati Sang Santri)by Yusuf An Nasir
Ketika banyak kaum modernis yang menganggap bahwa kaum sarungan adalah kaum yang tidak memiliki kepekaan terhadap dunia luar, baik isu politik, sosial, maupun budaya. Pe...
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Overhaul's Quirkless Nanny by VillainBloody_Misfit
Overhaul's Quirkless Nannyby Izabella
Michael Gintry has been bullied, abused, and alone all his life. He can't really remember a day where he wasn't picked on. He couldn't help it though; he was quirkless...
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LOVE AND PASSION by deborayoona
LOVE AND PASSIONby Debora simanjuntak
Happiness with her beloved mother Yueni berlari dengan senang dan memanggil ibu tercinta ma….ma…ma.. dengan senangnya dia terjatuh di ladang tersebut. Ibu yoeni seorang...
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WA +62 823-2773-2765 Suplier ayam beku freezer Fress by MhmdIlhm12
WA +62 823-2773-2765 Suplier ayam...by Mohamad Ilham
Suplier ayam beku freezer Fress, Suplier harga ayam Fress, Suplier harga ayam hari ini Fress, Suplier ayam crispy Fress, Suplier cari ayam Fress, Suplier ayam crispy...
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Fondazione Anno Mille by HyruleExplorer
Fondazione Anno Milleby Jedi Master Revan
Sequel di "Fondazione e Terra" di Isaac Asimov. L'opera segue le vicende dell'Oratore Trevize di Trantor e della Gaiana Kalìria, in un viaggio per la Galassia...
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Chasing the Scream [PDF] by Johann Hari by rutasuge8733
Chasing the Scream [PDF] by Johann...by rutasuge8733
Read Chasing the Scream PDF ebook Listen to Chasing the Scream Johann Hari audiobook Read Online Chasing the Scream: The Opposite of Addiction is Connection book in EPUB...
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Silent Kishi by Sanadii
Silent Kishiby Yume Chan
The planet Turnsa, filled with mystery and secrets among its people. A feud running deep within their hearts, they struggle to forgive one another. A dark secret reveals...
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