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One chance  by dragonqueen831
One chance by ✨Lanna ✨
GWUNCAN one shots, posted on my previous account @dragonqueen83107
She's Back {A Gwuncan Story} by Queen_221464
She's Back {A Gwuncan Story}by Queen_221464
***In the progress of being re-written*** It's been two years since Total Drama Action, the producers instead of making a third season, decided pay for each of the k...
Totally Dramatic «Total Drama x Reader Oneshots» by mileoh
Totally Dramatic «Total Drama x Ellion༄
Some much needed oneshots for this fandom. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. male, female, and gender neutral pronouns EDIT - SLOW UPDATES BC OF SCHOOL {cannon x cannon || cannon x...
It all started in Grade School by itsafakeuhcake
It all started in Grade Schoolby Chris
Okay....this is my first book that I'm will probably suck... I can prolly already tell. It's a Gwuncan fanfic...and it's gonna suck, watch. I really don't...
Total Drama Texts  by lilah505
Total Drama Texts by lilah505
Just a book full of the texts between the cast of total drama :) I'll include the cast from TDI, TDRI, TDPI, TDRR I do not own any of the total drama characters
Returning To Loving You by glowworm888
Returning To Loving Youby Gabbi The Glowworm
A sequel to Learning To Love You. After Total Drama Action, Noah agreed to be Chris McClean's assistant. When he learned that Total Drama was greenlit for a third season...
𝐎𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐎𝐍 ➝ t.d. by fakevirgin
❝ i totally ship it! ❞ she squealed, a giggle in her voice. in which a girl gives her opinion of fictional ships revolved around fictional characters in a fictional w...
Total Drama High School by totaldramalover2
Total Drama High Schoolby totaldramalover2
Let's imagine all seasons of total drama never happened. The whole crew is just normal kids who all go to one place. Wawanakwa High School. What could possibly be more d...
Total Drama Totally Dramatic by evagimxo
Total Drama Totally Dramaticby Evangeline Limmeg
Are you a fan of Total Drama? If so, you've come to the right place! The title says it all: Totally Dramatic! So prepare for the most dramatic season yet, with your all...
High School Dreams by StxrryDiamond
High School Dreamsby Jennifer💕
(Completed) Duncan, Gwen and Courtney the best trio, only they all act different when one person isn't around. #1 on Aleheather😊
total drama GC by cattacolaver
total drama GCby cattacolaver
this is a group chat of the original cast from tdi hope you like it.
Real ex's fake relationships  by DUNCNEY-PERIODT
Real ex's fake relationships by Courtney
When Duncan gets dumped by Gwen so she can get with Trent and Courtney get dumped by Justin to get with Dakota. They Want their ex's back. But how far will the go to get...
Total Drama High School by xxhibba
Total Drama High Schoolby hibba
Chris McLean, the world's favorite sadistic genius, has once again tricked his contestants into another season of Total Drama! But after getting sued by the government f...
Just Friends | Duncney by StxrryDiamond
Just Friends | Duncneyby Jennifer💕
Gwen and Duncan have shared a lot together since elementary, always helped one another and are super close. Once Duncan meets Courtney in high school, Gwen isn't okay wi...
Total Drama Next generation- Gwuncan by HiitsMaries
Total Drama Next generation- HiitsMaries
I am a HUGE gwuncan fan So i decide to make a next generation.For gwuncan i added Haze and Ericka.I know that Haze is ducan and courtney daughter but this is my story m...
Total drama social media (THE REWRITTEN VERSION) by LilMochaxx
Total drama social media (THE Layla
This is the rewritten version of my previous one. I'll still be updating on the other one but in this one I'm gonna rewrite the chapters!
Total drama shipping i by tdizzy63
Total drama shipping iby tdizzy63
These are total drama couples and what I think about each of them, there are also some fanon opinions too. Please comment who you'd like me to review!