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Sunshine So Cold by TeacherStudent2
Sunshine So Coldby Plain_Jane;3
Our story is one you'll want to read, one you'll fall in love with, the same way I fell in love with him. A story I hope you don't relate to. Let's start from the begin...
I'm bad| Choi Yeonjun FF| Choi Yeonjun x Reader| by KOOKIE_KID
I'm bad| Choi Yeonjun FF| Choi Bulletproof_Forever
Everything started with a wedding day heart break and everything changed from there. People really do mean it when they say "A new chapter to life" because tha...
Dark Step Family  by authorarmybaby
Dark Step Family by Author army baby
Book cover by The great Beautiful girl @Blackpurpple ??: we won't accept you ????: as if i will ???: fuck off bitch ????:it's hotass savage arrogant badass bitch ?: ar...
Paani Pieces by Uniquedoll602
Paani Piecesby Uniquedoll602
Paani one-shots because I love this new character and he needs some love. Boost #Paani, everyone! I might do other characters. Send in any and all requests, no matter wh...
Summer Camp (Taegi) by Ashantigirl9
Summer Camp (Taegi)by Ashanti
Visions AU 'In order to carry out a positive action we must develop a positive vision' When Yoongi is sent to summer camp against his will He expects the place to be p...
Kidnapped by Spyintraining
Kidnappedby Spyintraining
A girl, Rose, is not the popular girl. Her life is not the best, but it's better than most. She only has her mom, since her father abandoned them, she's on her own. Her...
Past Lover by Lover_2019
Past Loverby Selena Padilla
Jayana Willis is Spencer Reid's old lover from high school. Kiara Willis is Jayana's daughter with Spencer. Spencer doesn't know that he has a daughter.One case will ch...
The Mobster's Wife by Katrena-Faddis
The Mobster's Wifeby Katrena-Faddis
Theo Chavez. A man who had everything; girls;cars; money. That is until he was forced to marry his god father's daughter. Nikki Sorrento always lived in the shadows. N...
When your mafia boyfriend find out about your strange behaviour by nierabell
When your mafia boyfriend find sara
You're sick so you got home early without him knowing you home alone. You have two sides in you. Dark and Light. Light make you look 'normal' but Dark make you look 'psy...
A Poem of War by BroadwayandBooks99
A Poem of Warby Miranda
A short poem to show my thoughts on war🤷‍♀️
The Money Club a Caleb Joyner Mystery by calebjoyner
The Money Club a Caleb Joyner James Tom
Caleb Joyner has been asked to find a million dollar embezzler but before he can take a single step in her direction he finds himself in the crosshairs of rival Vietname...
The House by odalicous
The Houseby Evonee Hernandez
A girl that just got out of school is smart she wants to do art. The very first night at her big house she hears weird noises form the attice???
My sister's Killer by Tsalvy
My sister's Killerby Tsalvy
I am Ts'episo, a sister, an Aunt to crazy but amazing kids. I'm sharing with you pierce of myself( thoughts, feeling; what I go through every day) that you don't see p...
[YOONGI FF] The Dying Reality by risingnostalgia
[YOONGI FF] The Dying Realityby Kim to the Chi
A normal 18 year old girl named Felicity Sealey, dates a so-called normal 20 year old man named Min Yoongi. She thought she had the full picture of what they could be, b...
ReD eYEs by stirah_love
ReD eYEsby stirah_love
what happens when you are a regular teen with some secrets (based on a true story)
Saved by Daylight (Book 1)  by Meg_septiplier
Saved by Daylight (Book 1) by Meg_septiplier
It's a zombie apocalypse your in trouble with a swarm of zombies and out of no where your saved by 4 guys their names are Felix, Cry, Jack, and Mark. So get ready for go...
Just One More Chance by chocolate_in_coffee
Just One More Chanceby hazel
*-*-*-* "I love you Mia" I almost stopped breathing at that moment. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Dan loved me. I could keep saying that in...