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photos  by DankiKaminari
photos by Denki Kaminari
Photos of my wedding to Grimace the hamburger monster and our new life.
McDrama by baslyn
McDramaby dovey
Hamburglar always starting shit.
A heat Miesers Christmas  by heatmieser69
A heat Miesers Christmas by The sexy Meiser
Heat me up before you go go!!! I ain't planning on going cold cold!!! This story contains weed use and reader x character material.
Love Like an Egg McMuffin by Jeorgeson
Love Like an Egg McMuffinby Jeorgeson
I'm sure we've all had our uh McDonald's Fantasies at one point in our lives. Join Jeb, a peppy fish from Bikini Bottom and her fantastical love story with the always ch...
The Demigod's Broken Angel by Mayah_love
The Demigod's Broken Angelby May Amor Teorima
She was all f*cked up and broken. He was a jerk and a demigod. When his eyes met hers, they eventually realized they're in the same grimace. Meet Chloe Isobel Jenkins, a...
Jeff's insane angel by MysteryPuppet236
Jeff's insane angelby The Corrupted Rose
"Hey mister!" "Yeah kid?" "I like you because you're insane like me and all the best people are crazy!"
The Summers of May by SlyLonelyBoys
The Summers of Mayby SlyLonelyBoys
Grimace is having a total meltdown. His mother encourages him to travel to the countryside to recuperate and he meets the bubbly belle May Summers. However May is hiding...
Love; is love by Nepsii
Love; is loveby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
McDonald's gang one shots
g r i m a c e (しかめっ面) by dysphoricactus
g r i m a c e (しかめっ面)by ᴀʟɪᴄᴇ ʜ.
the sequel of hanahaki // completed ✓
The Wacky Adventures of the Doctor by N0RTHWIND
The Wacky Adventures of the Doctorby N0RTHWIND
This is a rewrite of Ronald McDonald's wacky adventure, but where Ronald is really the Doctor, but he's black and has some serious emotional issues. - - - - Also! This i...
Grimace (Yandere!Masky x Female!Reader) by TobyLikesWafflessss
Grimace (Yandere!Masky x Female! TobyLikesWaffles
Note: Masky and Hoodie belong to Marble Hornets. None of the Creepypastas are mine. Cover image is not mine. Blurb: Y/N is just trying to enjoy her life. She tried to me...