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Game of Patience by KyleWilliamUrban
Game of Patienceby Kyle William Urban
Brooke is raised by the police force that her parents work for. She is schooled, looked after and cared for by all of the officers, they are her family. But when her par...
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Shea Butter Baby by DezhanaGriffin
Shea Butter Babyby Day🌻
The power of melanin is dangerous. The way my skin glows like gold with just a layer of momma's famous shea butter and coconut oil mix. The way my skin and hair attracts...
Moonshower     [Stiles x Oc] by ggkt003
Moonshower [Stiles x Oc]by Kimberley Grace
[Book 2 in the Rachel McCall Series] "He said something, right before- right before he bit me. He said 'So precious. So rare.' And it wasn't the first time either...
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Poetic Painkillers by Lenacaraofficial
Poetic Painkillersby LENA WASHINGTON
A small collection of poems I wrote during my darkest of hours.
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Sh*t Poetry That You Won't Read by just_a_wannabewriter
Sh*t Poetry That You Won't Readby stuck-in-a extenstenial crisi...
Collection of bad poetry about loss, bad breakups and struggling to find my voice again.
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Enigma of the Stars ───  Harry Potter by thestarblossoms
Enigma of the Stars ─── Harry thestarblossoms
"I don't know how the stars fated it to happen, but I'm really glad that I met you, Harry Potter." "I'm really glad that I met you too, J." In which...
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Let Me Bleed. What If I Don't ? by bu_f_f_y
Let Me Bleed. What If I Don't ?by Champagne with Shae
***THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK OF THE SERIES ON LET ME BLEED. WHAT IF I DON'T? ~~ Do you ever feel like your too heavy to float on Earth? Have you ever visualized looking dow...
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The Beasts: The Riddle (Book 1)       (Discontinued) by TheLilly789
The Beasts: The Riddle (Book 1) TheLilly789
In a quiet valley that everyone fears, lives beasts. Huge terrifying monsters with huge claws and razor sharp teeth, that eat people alive. At least, that's what the vil...
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outtakes from my published book, Eyes Closed Volume I, that I decided to post on here since I wasn't doing anything else with them.
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Life Without Melody by Lintroller37
Life Without Melodyby Katherine Klingseis
Adam had his life all planned out. Most of his plan revolved around Melody falling in love with him, which he knew would happen, eventually at least. He just needed a bi...
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MEMORIES OF YOU by amshu_v
Willow-Rose Emerson has had one epic love so far. Documenting the memories she's made, the emotions she's felt and the things she's seen, Memories of you is her story. O...
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Never Ending by ThatAwkwardBrownGirl
Never Endingby ThatAwkwardBrownGirl
Why do I write? Because sometimes, paper is the only one who listens.
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Fortitude by Harmony_205
Fortitudeby White_Black
fσr·tí·tudє /ˈfôrdəˌt(y)o͞od/ (n) coυrage ιn paιn or adverѕιтy. - - - jυѕт a ғew qυoтeѕ and ѕнorт ѕтorιeѕ ғor yoυ all. 🅜🅔 🅑🅔🅘🅝🅖 🅐 🅢🅐🅟. <(⇀‸↼‶)>
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Sonnets of a Bumble Bee by cadetHOLLOW19
Sonnets of a Bumble Beeby Flower Girl
Just some poems about love, death and sorrow. There is no set character just symbolism of normal day to day things that represent love, death, and sorrow.
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October In My Head by hipsterwriter99
October In My Headby Kathryn
what goes on in your head? when tragedy strikes-when your parents divorce, when someone you love gets sick, when you lose someone close to you, what's the first thing t...
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peaches and lemons. by oratilethokozile
peaches and oratilethokozile
There are three kinds of people in this world. The mean. The nice. The indifferent. Luna was as sweet as a peach, a little bit sour if tested but overall nice. Theodore...
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Where Gran Went by Katie_louw4
Where Gran Wentby Katie Louise
For my first public picturebook, I aimed to create an illustrated storybook which explores the idea of bereavement and loss, a complex concept in life. With this said, I...
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𝖂𝖆𝖗 𝕻𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 by marylunie
𝖂𝖆𝖗 𝕻𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙by Mary Lunie
Remember your worst day? The one who got away? The things you thought, but didn't say? These poems and photos will stir up feelings of heartbreak, desire, and nostalgia.
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Tally Charts for Broken Hearts by annaocxo
Tally Charts for Broken Heartsby Anna O'Connor
As if dealing with the death of her younger brother wasn't enough, Fia's best friend just 'broke up' with her. Six months after the car crash that killed her little brot...
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my secret life by RNJ66942
my secret lifeby RNJ66942
This is a story about a teenager running away from her life as one of the most powerful wizard and wanting nothing more than being a human,in search for a normal human l...
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