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Found  by Inspire4044
Found by aspiring_author
Elizabeth is struggling with the grief that threatens to consume her every day. She is constantly trying to fight off the memories that haunt her waking and sleeping hou...
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love & loss by annaliqiao
love & lossby benign dreams
a collection of my poetry over the years (high school + college). I normally write about unrequited love or the grief/loss of family members.
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The Mysterious Visitor (and other short stories) by operageek91
The Mysterious Visitor (and operageek91
A somewhat random series of 600-ish word short stories. Updated every so often as inspiration takes me. These stories range from children stories to ones with more matur...
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Hail Mary | January 2020 by BornToWrite47
Hail Mary | January 2020by Fallon Elizabeth
❝ Hail Mary, a long forward pass in football thrown into or near the end zone in a last-ditch attempt to score as time runs out . . . ❞ ...
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Warriors by Angela_Stark
Warriorsby Angela Freaking Solo
As a girl Jessica dreamt of goodness in the world and romance, as many girls do. However, as she grew and life threw everything it had at her, she realized that life is...
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poems by imbessonjonahmusic
poemsby 𝕥
[on going] 🗝✨ in which i write a mess of poems.
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Where There is Smoke, There is Fire by October82006
Where There is Smoke, There is Fireby Maida324
I said, "Listen, Haya. You need to remember that everything happens. If Allah decides something, it's best. If me, Allah forbid, or Asim, or Asad, or Nano... if...
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Under the light of day by Amrose
Under the light of dayby Amrose
!Warning! This book will contain scenes which are not suitable for younger readers. I strongly advice you to stop reading if you are said reader, though I can not stop y...
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What Remains by xjopper
What Remainsby xjopper
Now alone with the kids, Joyce has to deal with the consequences of what happened on that fateful 4th of July night. But how can she, when the only person she wants to t...
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Olympia by Fabigail1218
Olympiaby cactic
Olympia "Olly" Sanderson is damaged goods. Or, at least, that's how she sees herself. With her mother six feet under, and her self-centered father on the verge...
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Fall by ShatteredCrystal22
Fallby ShatteredCrystal22
A Collection of Poems Volume 2 ◃▫▫▫▫▹ The ground is fast approaching But it seems like eternity I anticipate the impact Of the land falling unto me. It's like torture As...
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Anarchy: The Planet Nyphi by julietvillafana_
Anarchy: The Planet Nyphiby Juliet Villafana
"Our creations will be the very thing that destroys us" This story takes place in the year 4.5 billion, half a billion years before the extinction of the mediu...
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erratic emotions  by kodokuna_shonen
erratic emotions by Peter Parker
aimless thoughts and words.
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I'm Sorry [Ed x Roy] by Animeluv8772
I'm Sorry [Ed x Roy]by Animeluv8772
Accidents happen. For some, all you can do is beg for forgiveness. Ed and Roy have been dating for a few years now. They're living happily, positive that nothing could b...
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Love, I think it is time...
An Ocean Of Feelings by Krystal_heart16
An Ocean Of Feelingsby Krystal
The ocean, in which she sinks and drowns every day. The ocean, in which she tries to stay afloat by making herself stronger. The ocean, she cries out every single night...
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All For You by K_ella_
All For Youby 𝓴𝓲𝓪
"My life wasn't worth living until you." ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ When Layla Greene struggles to handle the death of her best friend for a year, her fath...
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Ripple Effect by Nonadhesiveness
Ripple Effectby Nonadhesiveness
Madam Secretary fanfic. Set after Season 4. Lunch with Will was only meant to take an hour. Brother and sister. Nice and normal. "But that's not us, right?"
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What am I? (Refund High School x Reader) *Remaking* by Jul_was_never_here
What am I? (Refund High School x Jul the Nightmare Angel
I never thought my Life would take a U-Turn just as I found out why or What am I Life was Great Until an Accident happen resulting for my Sadness and Grief I died but wa...
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Abigrace by __Carrots__
Abigraceby Zainab
An all-consuming past episode in her life makes Abigail feel that there's no more to life than what is manifest. What makes this episode all the more disturbing is tha...
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