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♡Sweetheart♡                                   ||Brendon Urie x Reader|| by Irisone
♡Sweetheart♡ «♪ɪʀɪsᴏɴᴇ♪»
"Why the fuck don't you hate me?" "I don't know, I can't help but love you." Brendon Urie: wealthy owner of two large mansions, the talk of the city...
EIGHT [A BNHA FANFICTION] - {reverse au}{tododeku} by zeshizeshi
EIGHT [A BNHA FANFICTION] - { razzledazzle
"I'm sorry Mrs. Midoriya, it's not a choice either of us get to make. I'm afraid he's just unlike anything we've ever seen," "Mom! Mom! Inko! Help me!&quo...
Each Others Mission by 7DeadlyS1ns
Each Others Missionby heaven jones
He closes the file and tosses it on his desk meeting the eyes of his assistant, Manda. ¨She's perfect for this job. One of the best agents known in V.O.L.Ts files.¨ He n...
Disruption by Amaan12Habib
Disruptionby Amaan habib
All the worlds continents forge together to make a plan stopping what's coming. This tragic story is 11+ as the words may not be to the understanding of young children ...
Heir To The Flames by CalicoBlade
Heir To The Flamesby Heather Parks
Ember Rose, the Songbird of Zephyrus. Beloved by all inside The Compass. Following in her father's footsteps she knows she will be the Showman he always dreamed she woul...
Upon Tufts of Fur and Scales by lunawolf52209
Upon Tufts of Fur and Scalesby lunawolf52209
Arbor is a normal introverted 15 year old teenager, she is very artistic and loves nature, but on a bike ride with her brother one day a black van pulls up, and the men...
RWBY- A World for the Faunas... Almost by carpboy009
RWBY- A World for the Faunas... carpboy009
Humanity and the Faunas had been in conflict with each other for years on end. The White Fang is formed earlier than intended and had started to have humans give respect...
Rescuing- Stray Kids FF (Book 2) by Faith_In_Words
Rescuing- Stray Kids FF (Book 2)by Faith_In_Words
Now that the 9 leaders of Stray Kids have all gathered and been acquainted it's time for a new chapter to begin. They know that they need to go to District 9 but how wil...
The Unlisted Book 1 by LittleLeahYT14
The Unlisted Book 1by LeahJazmineAgreste
THEY ARE INSIDE YOUR HEAD. There's nothing Dru Sharma fears more than the dentist So when his school runs a compulsory dental check, Dru convinces his identical twin, Ka...
the purge by taenqell
the purgeby القمر
"i'm on a first name basis with danger." - kim taehyung ft. bangtan boys ©taenqell
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Cyanide  by m_seabreeze
Cyanide by Molly
Welcome to the City, where what, and who, you are means everything but family ties are not enough to keep you from a fate some argue is worse than death. Oliver and Via...
Freakquency by NymKaneis
Freakquencyby TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
One day, the world was suddenly tormented by a high concentration of frequency wave unheard by human ears. It was detected by radios, TVs, computers, and etc. But there...
Secrets out (chase davenport/lab rats) by RhiannonSims16
Secrets out (chase davenport/lab RhiannonSims16
*based on the episode "you posted what!!"||dont own anything of this episode or the lab rats* There secret is out and now the government is after them, just as...
Rated by smokeyqvartz
Ratedby smokeyqvartz
Societies thrive on order,and the Rating System is the ultimate symbol of organized social mobility. The higher your rating soars,the more valued you are.The lower it pl...
Alia Terra by DanteMH
Alia Terraby Dante
On September 19 2008, during an initial testing of the "Large Hadron Collider" at CERN, an accident opened a Gate to another world. Read the political fallout...
The Elementals by Ellie2069
The Elementalsby DoctorWho2069
Aaron Williams, Jason Carter, Nick Smith, and Leo Adams have been gifted with extraordinary powers. When their lives are thrown into chaos and they forced, they each mus...
The Story of Purple (The darkest minds fanfiction) by 0canthiswait0
The Story of Purple (The darkest 0canthiswait0
We all heard the story of Orange (Ruby Daly) but little did the government know Orange wasn't the color to fear. Hi I'm Lilly and this is the story of me. The color Purp...
Impeccable World by LonelyStark3000
Impeccable Worldby LonelyStark3000
I seriously cannot believe how the hell the world ran back 25 years ago. It was different yet familiar. It's interesting to think about. The way the world ran, what worr...
Numb by AvoPesto
Numbby Kaitlyn
The goverment tests out drugs to make war soldiers feel no pain on teenagers but what they didn't know is they just created a beautiful love story