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Nuisance by TheBooker215
Nuisanceby Selhara Kennings
"You know, just because you're a god doesn't give you the right to sass me 20 times a day." Rayne was supposed to have a perfectly normal life. But, you know...
Olympia by monica-angellove
Olympiaby monica-angellove
April Davis at 15 years old and thought to be a normal teenager, until the day of her 16 years or her mother explains the truth about her father and his origins. Her lif...
No Trust in Me by Geek_Freak7
No Trust in Meby BookLoving_Nerd
All the characters go to J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan and so do the setting, the only thing that belongs to me is my OC's (if I make any), some settings, and the plot...
GODS and their Descendants by Fuxify
GODS and their Descendantsby Charlie
A story about a family of Halfgods, especially about their youngest son discovering his Halfgod ability's and finding the love of his life on a long journey of ups and d...
Oneshots by theladyarcadia
Oneshotsby 𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐀𝐃𝐈𝐀
Oneshots of my OCs or some roleplays!
The Fantastic four! ( Book 2 of their identical lovers!) by AnimelifeFOREVA67
The Fantastic four! ( Book 2 of th...by AnimelifeFOREVA67
( Stupid title, I know. Couldn't think of anything else.) After the battle between Izanami and Akihito, everyone lived a peaceful life. Soon, all of them started having...
ANEMOI by ShaunIsgrigg
ANEMOIby Shaun Isgrigg
In a world full of elemental power's, there's a boy who curved death from a god, now he's seeking revenge. But first, he must pay his debt by finding all parts of a swor...
Anger Doesn't Mean You Can't Love by TiredAsHeckTvT
Anger Doesn't Mean You Can't Loveby 🍧slushiesarel0ve🍧
Roman was never one who had many friends. He liked staying closer to the ones he already had. So when he's starting get a little lonely and looking around for those of h...
The Second Coming of Gluttony by sheenett
The Second Coming of Gluttonyby 𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚗
(This is not my story. I publish this for offline reading. Please support the author and the translator group or person, thank you!) ----- SYNOPSIS: "The son of god...
Dread Confluence by LeeHarperOswald
Dread Confluenceby LeeHarperOswald
Dread Confluence is a chilling collection of tales -- from the uncanny to the downright ghoulish -- based in and around the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.* The first...
Knight of Dawn by ChSreelasya
Knight of Dawnby Chsl
Sol got hit by a truck and reincarnated into another world, which he had read in a novel. You know a typical isekai, or is it? Sol is now a no-name in a fantasy novel wh...
Wrath by Vaelrie
Wrathby Valerie❤
The sin of wrath.. ~*~ Ever wondered what happened after the sins were released from Pandora's box well they were free of course, free to influence mankind in anyway po...
Our Almost Happy Ending Story by jijiyahhh
Our Almost Happy Ending Storyby jijiyahhh
She's the demons daughter who was tamed by the eighth chosen ten. Start: 07/20 End:
is that...Aru? by Raindrop2345
is that...Aru?by Rain and Drop
It's been three months since the potatoes have seen aru. No one has found her. Until, the potatoes go after a mysterious girl. Overjoyed, the potatoes bring Aru home. Bu...
Blast of Thunder [BTS JM TAGLISH FANFIC]  by MiserableJ
Blast of Thunder [BTS JM TAGLISH F...by Dark
Nung umulan ng karupokan, naroon ako. Pero dahil sa aking katangahan, pati kidlat, sinalo ko. --Evening Series #2-- Start: August 10, 2020 End: - - - -
Shards (A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover) by sgorm1230
Shards (A Percy Jackson and Avenge...by DarkHarmony
The Seven--minus Percy--are dead, killed by Gaea and her monsters in the Giant War. Then Percy returns home to find his mom and step-dad brutally murdered courtesy of Ta...
The Gods In Us by Undefinity
The Gods In Usby Autumn Chase
It all started when inhuman beings came on Earth without any explanation. The Earth shook and the skies parted, revealing gigantic ships of creatures from another planet...
A Guide to Kemetic Paganism  by luna_raez
A Guide to Kemetic Paganism by Anipe
This is guide full of stories about Kemetic Paganism! I hope you find this little book usefull!