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Final Fantasy XV- Life on the Edge by The_evilpinkcreeper
Final Fantasy XV- Life on the Edgeby Evilpinkcreeper (Cassdaddy)
The four boys; Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, and Gladiolus Amicita are sent away from their town. They are unable to return to it after it is de...
Final Fantasy XV oneshots by TheEddsworldTrashbag
Final Fantasy XV oneshotsby TheFandomTrashabg
Literally only two ships in this book: Gladio x Ignis and Prompto x Noctis Idk if anyone will actually read this but oh well Probably a lot of 'normal' world aus where t...
sunflower  by Misterstealyourboi
sunflower by Misterstealyourboi
Four friends in high school prompto and noctis are 17 and gladio with ignis one year older. Prompto is new.. And idk what else I'll write a full description in the first...
Surprises (Working title) by Vanilla_Specs
Surprises (Working title)by Specs
Gladio pines after his best friend and assumes Ignis is oblivious, he knows more than he lets on however. If Noct and Prompto have any say, their friends will face up to...
Gladnis oneshots by Vanilla_Specs
Gladnis oneshotsby Specs
Cause... I can and I ship it. Stories might have more than one part so I'll label them accordingly. Some stories I might develop but we'll see.
Even if I Don't Remember (Promptis) by TheEddsworldTrashbag
Even if I Don't Remember (Promptis)by TheFandomTrashabg
For those of you that have read my FFXV oneshots, this is based on one of the chapters that I was pretty proud of the concept But for those of you that haven't here's s...
Our Secret Love Story~ by YaoiOverlord666
Our Secret Love Story~by NekoHana
Based on Instagram cosplayers John @moderatelyokaycosplay Leon @Leonchiro Ship you both!!<3 #lejohn #leojohn #nohomobutthomo
To Each Their Calling by Vanilla_Specs
To Each Their Callingby Specs
Third and final instalment of my series, following on from Absolute but can be read standalone. In light of recent events, relationships are strained more than ever but...
Sensei Gladio | Final Fantasy XV by KryspeaBacon
Sensei Gladio | Final Fantasy XVby Krispy
An AU in which Mr. Sketch markers get you high. One day, Gladiolus tries the Mr. Sketch, and gets kidnapped. He then finds himself in the house of the one and only, rich...
ffxv rambles by worm_dad
ffxv ramblesby 👁️👅👁️
just what it says on the tin. may be nsfw.
into you by crystalwillz
into youby Crystal
Ignis bakes Gladio some heart-shaped cookies but can't muster up the courage to give them to him. Gladio drops by to deliver some forgotten paperwork and sees them.
Final Fantasy XV but they're all Ducks ;) by SEMENPARTY
Final Fantasy XV but they're all elf porn
They're all ducks set out on a journey and they fall in love and have foursomes, the story is rather serious.
Turning Page by Vanilla_Specs
Turning Pageby Specs
Prompto and Ignis are fae-folk, taken away from their homes and forced to live with humans and other fae prisoners. Prompto was sent to live a normal life, seeing as the...
Sweet Tooth (Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia) by TheEddsworldTrashbag
Sweet Tooth (Gladiolus Amicitia TheFandomTrashabg
Ignis doesn't understand love. It's one of the few things he doesn't understand. That is until he meets Gladio. Author's notes: -No monsters -The lads don't know one an...
Absolute by Vanilla_Specs
Absoluteby Specs
Sequel to Surprises but can be read standalone. Covers the in-game events (aside from the millions of sub quests that are irrelevant) up to the World of Ruin. The boys a...
Special Days |Promptis Love Story 2.0| by MoHuang
Special Days |Promptis Love 芷若
Okay, so here is another Promptis love Story; Romantica. From the creator of the first Romantica: love Story, I present a less angst-y and more comedy romance! Have a...