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Karl Jacobs X Male!Reader [Ongoing] by h00di3b0y
Karl Jacobs X Male!Reader [Ongoing]by hoodieboy
❤ myct ❤ I will do more myct x reader All my fanfiction is gender friendly unless it says male or female in the title so don't worry there will be fanfictions that is un...
Courtneys new school by holly_is_epic
Courtneys new schoolby holly_is_epic
Courtney moves back to her birthplace, England
Parallels and Monochrome | Book 1 by Cdrose11
Parallels and Monochrome | Book 1by Cdrose11
Starting highschool can be either very great or hourendous. This is a story in which you follow four soon to be friend, all with different likes and personalitys, as the...
One Direction Preferences by mollovesniall
One Direction Preferencesby mollovesniall
I'm going to try and make up my own, but take my ideas from tumblr. feedback would be great, I need to know whether I'm wasting my time or not! have a read and let me kn...
Forgetting! by _xoxo_des_
Forgetting!by _xoxo_des_
it's about being drunk and making mistakes
The Superhumans [Book 1] by Litstories14
The Superhumans [Book 1]by Hi im Howard
a Boy finds out he has special abilities and finds himself saving the world
My secret 🙈🙊🙉 love by bossygirllyza215
My secret 🙈🙊🙉 loveby bossygirllyza215
My names Rebecca I grew up with my a bunch of sibling and a few of my sisters and brothers kids, my mom works a lot, every since dad left her he comes back and get her p...
Reality. by imhotyourenot
#8 imhotyourenot
Willow is gay. Like super gay. How is she supposed to tell your rude father and Gay Pride rioting mother?
The Unreturnable  by ClaytonRoss412
The Unreturnable by ClaytonRoss412
A easy reader story based on modern situations blown out of proportion. A good mind thinking historical fiction that still needs to be finished. Check it out and tell me...
Liquid poison by kat570
Liquid poisonby _cyberpanda_
A futuristic description of how the world will decay from the point of view of a person embracing the outcome of her world. Even though the oil spill that ruined her ai...
It's a hard knock' life by vintageviibes
It's a hard knock' lifeby Piper
Jane just wants to be a normal kid... but after what happened last summer, its hard to be normal. She has to face the bullys, her mom's fiance, and the jerk friends.. Wh...
poetic justice.  by abbylucs
poetic justice. by abbylucs
a bond that broke from a feeling that has been forgotten
Until we meet again by Che-Che143
Until we meet againby Che-Che143
Just gonna have to fins out yourself!!!
Roleplay Characters!! by BriannaScarlet
Roleplay Characters!!by Brianna Scarlet
Uuhhh help me out!! I kinda want to improve and expand the info about my just comment your ideas!! Please and thank you!!
Bnha Vigilantes One Shots by CrazyPeachGirl
Bnha Vigilantes One Shotsby CrazyPeachGirl
This story is basically one shots of a story that I've been working on. First chapter is the basic world-building, description for the story, characters, and all that ja...
An Unexpected Love by MagicalLlamacorn7
An Unexpected Loveby Magical Llamacorn
A teenage girl moves into and new house but all of a sudden a demon boy and his pet dragon appear in her basement trying to escape his life in the underworld.
scrects and lies by TisshaJames
scrects and liesby TisshaJames
This is a random story I got bored and created this. Make sure to leave comments and tune in.