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My Royal Love by wannabewriter1027
My Royal Loveby CC
At 24 years old Lina Hale has yet to achieve much of anything in life. Being a free lance artist isn't your typical millionaire job ya know! Traveling from place to plac...
Road Trip by parrillas_gang
Road Tripby parrillas_gang
Regina is a successful woman who has a very handsome husband and four gorgous children. She has a perfect life and couldn't ask for anything more. One week she goes on a...
Instagram ~ D. L. × S. G. (Demi Lovato × Selena Gomez) by CaDeDe
Instagram ~ D. L. × S. G. (Demi CaDeDe
ddlovato liked your photo ddlovato commented on your photo ddlovato started following you Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are famous singers but there's a little difference...
Lesbian Book Recommendations  by WannaBeMyselfNow
Lesbian Book Recommendations by WannaBeMyselfNow
All lesbian books that are worth a read.
X Reader Smut by SmexyTyme
X Reader Smutby SmexyTyme
This is smut. These will have different stories and scenes, none of these short stories will join together or form any kind of story. ONCE AGAIN THIS IS SMUT IT WILL BE...
THE BLAZE🔥(Zaw+Uni) by Jensoo_2Kims
THE BLAZE🔥(Zaw+Uni)by BabyChu🍀
After The Road Trip by parrillas_gang
After The Road Tripby parrillas_gang
You asked for it. You got it. Sequel to Road Trip! We ended with Regina and Emma sharing a kiss after confirming their love for each other. Now it's not a secret. Now it...
It's gotta be u(Zaw+Uni) by Jensoo_2Kims
It's gotta be u(Zaw+Uni)by BabyChu🍀
Refuge by Uni1718
Refugeby Uni1718
When everyone turns their backs on Harry and his friends after the war because they befriended Draco and Snape they make their escape from their world into another's.
"ည " by SARAQ7
"ည "by Myuu Yate Lon
Both Zawgyi and Unicode ညရဲ့ ဖြစ်တည်မှုဟာ လရောင်နဲ့စတယ်
သူပိုင္​​ေသာ ကြၽန္ (Uni+Zawgyi) by soneansh
သူပိုင္​​ေသာ ကြၽန္ (Uni+Zawgyi)by Ruby_SoneAnsh
Original Title -Her Slave Original Writer-naruuu21
The DJ and The Rich Man's Daughter by not-so-valkyrie
The DJ and The Rich Man's Daughterby not-so-valkyrie
Both from two different lifestyle and past history but together they have their own optimism in life. Just read and find out how these two meet and what will happen next...
စိတၱဇအခ်စ္​  (စိတ်တ္တဇအချစ်) by Mee_Yatu
စိတၱဇအခ်စ္​ (စိတ်တ္တဇအချစ်)by Mee_Yatu
ႏွင္​းဆီအကၡရာ × ပန္​းျမတ္​သခင္​ Girl Love(Lesbian) နှင်းဆီအက္ခရာ× ပန်းမြတ်သခင် Girl Love(Lesbian)
Two Mates (Girl×Girl) by muthegan
Two Mates (Girl×Girl)by LonePotato
Luna Jess is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. The strongest pack in the country; without an alpha. After the rogue attack on her pack which left her and her sister w...
Be Mine (Jensoo) by Ppoongg
Be Mine (Jensoo)by jnchlchng
Jennie and jisoo began dating when the two maknaes admitted that their together too. At first it was hard for the jensoo couple and ended breaking up with each other. Wi...
YOUR SMILE | love live! by EYDEL_
YOUR SMILE | love live!by EYDEL
❝ just how far are you willing to go to chase your feelings? ❞ -これから [korekara] + a collection of love live! and love live! sunshine!! oneshots. + ❝ surely you feel the...
BLIND[Completed] by NoJamJam
BLIND[Completed]by NoJamJam
#Zawgyi TWICE-Jeongyeon & Mina အရာရာတိုင္​းမွာ အခက္​အခဲ႐ွိ​ေပမဲ့ အခ်စ္​ဆိုတဲ့အရာမွာ အခက္​အခဲ႐ွိ​ေနတာက အခက္​ခဲဆံုးပါပဲ.. မခ်စ္​သင္​့့့တဲ့အခ်စ္​ကို စတင္​ခဲ့မိလို႔ ရပ္​တန္​...
CAN'T WE BE FOR REAL? [MICHAENG] by amdlockwheresmykey
CAN'T WE BE FOR REAL? [MICHAENG]by amdlockwheresmykey
#Michaeng #Reallife struggle A true life story of two beautiful celebrity girls who fall in love with each other. An impossible love story. Their journey in-between the...
You're The One (Jensoo) by Ppoongg
You're The One (Jensoo)by jnchlchng
Story in which the school badass girl fall inlove with a simple girl. But they didnt know they're family are connected which each other.