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HORNS by Aaron_Ledgers
HORNSby Aaron_Ledgers
I have a secret. A very big secret. A secret that only two people have ever caught a glimpse of. A secret I've gone what feels like an eternity protecting. And yet, this...
X Reader Smut by SmexyTyme
X Reader Smutby SmexyTyme
This is smut. These will have different stories and scenes, none of these short stories will join together or form any kind of story. ONCE AGAIN THIS IS SMUT IT WILL BE...
Male Lead,I Don't Want Your Love(Zawgyi+Unicode) by PwintNayChiSan9
Male Lead,I Don't Want Your Love( Nay Chi Tway
အပိုင္​း ၁ to ၈ကို Nay Chi Twayအ​ေကာင္​့မွာဖတ္​ႏိုင္​ပါတယ္​။ သာသာ့အ​ေကာင္​့ထဲက my worksဆိုတဲ့Reading listထဲမွာ႐ွာႏိုင္​ပါတယ္​။ ဒီမွာက​ေတာ့အပိုင္​း ၉က​ေနအဆံုးအထိဆက္​တင္​​...
She stole my heart  by weetanar
She stole my heart by weetanar
Edgar Anderson has been through a lot in his life. He has decided to guard his heart,to never let anyone in and most importantly to never give his heart out or let anyo...
Cupid System💘    Zawgyi+Unicode by NayChiTway
Cupid System💘 Zawgyi+Unicodeby Nay Chi Tway🐣
ဒုတိယ​ေျမာက္​ ဒီfic​ေလးကိုလည္​းအား​ေပးၾကပါဦး😁။ ×××××××× ဒုတိယမြောက် ဒီficလေးကိုလည်းအားပေးကြပါဦး😁။
Head over heels  by nzondii
Head over heels by Nzondelelo Mteto
High school. It's the one place that holds a lot of memories, both good and bad. It's the place most of us wish to fall head over heels inlove, well get good grades as w...
By Your Side by Lizzy_15_
By Your Sideby Eliza❤❤
(Formerly known as entrapped) _______ When Scarlett Andrews--the daughter of a multi billionaire--met Lucas Hayes, she was determined not to fall for this green-eyed ir...
Cupid System💘Zawgyi+Unicode by PwintNayChiSan9
Cupid System💘Zawgyi+Unicodeby Nay Chi Tway
Zawgyi+Unicode Version ××××××××××××××××××××××××× အပိုင္​း ၁ to ၆ကို Nay Chi Twayအ​ေကာင္​့မွာဖတ္​ႏိုင္​ပါတယ္​။ သာသာ့အ​ေကာင္​့ထဲက my worksဆိုတဲ့Reading listထဲမွာ႐ွာႏိုင္​ပ...
L♡VE On Speed Dial by JordanPresscott
L♡VE On Speed Dialby 💕Maybe💕
When Damien Sparrow, the most popular playboy of Timberlake High, calls the school's love hotline, to set him up with a girl he likes, he never would have thought that h...
Seducing The Hot Innocent By miss-out-loud by miss-out-loud
Seducing The Hot Innocent By miss-out-loud
Hey There!! ^.^ This story has a BS or those Rated SPG that is strictly not allowed to 18 and below, Well, its not allowed to me as well, But just be quiet :) Shhhhhhh...
♡♡♡~ by YaGirl_Cookie
♡♡♡~by Ya Girl_ Cookie
¢ ^ √ € £ = ! XReader ° © ' ^ Scenario...
Strong Blue Eyes ( Under Writing And Editing) by DiamantD8
Strong Blue Eyes ( Under Writing Diamant D
She thought this holiday was like the others. She'd fall in love with a guy . Watch him from distance. And return home thinking about him. But this time... she'll nev...
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HOME WRECKER by hybeekae
HOME WRECKERby hybeekae
I stood quietly watching and waiting for a reaction from him, His face was stoic not giving anything away; I wasn't used to playing my game this way. "Don't st...
✨hey✨(this-isn't-a-story) by Staz_mwa_dude
✨hey✨(this-isn't-a-story)by Staz_mwa_dude
👏just👏saying👏hello👏 I'm not a very good writer but I might try to make a story :/ thx for reading bye Pictures aren't mine
No Title by kashime_yuu
No Titleby 加島
Myanmar Complete (Own Creation)
The Perfect Guy by Malaika1234Lungee
The Perfect Guyby Malaika1234Lungee
Audrey Cook is a teenage girl who moves back to her hometown where her father lives. She forgot everything about the place and doesn't want anything to do with it becaus...
The CHEMISTRY Between US(on HOLD) by PoulomiSaha
The CHEMISTRY Between US(on HOLD)by Marshmallow Poulo
"Are u love me or not?" I simply ask him. "Love!!! You!! Are u joking Miranda?" "You r neither for love nor to friendship " he shouts to...