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Infernal by HaveFaith101
Infernalby D h a n aღ
(ONGOING STORY, updates are once/twice a week) Freedom, that's all she ever wanted. She never expected to find it, in the least likely of places... Valerie Shields is a...
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Quantum Leap by Mawu_nya
Quantum Leapby 💖Mawunya💖
Befriending a millionaire's daughter can't be that bad right? 15 year old Alexa is a really smart teenager that meets the daughter of a millionaire, Karen Fisher, they b...
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First-Rate Faith by thewackywriters
First-Rate Faithby thewackywriters
Faith is gifted. She excells at all subjects in school but she fails at feeling fulfilled. Good grades? She has them. Any friends? A hard no. Join Faith on a journey, a...
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Etherea by SonyAnnieHygenes
Ethereaby Sony Annie Hygenes
(New updates every week.) A tale of a land and men... Being different is not considered as the best thing in Etherea, and it's time to change it... Silver lived all her...
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The Expatriate-the story of a prodigy by U-Mean
The Expatriate-the story of a Jeanie
With peculiar strengths from birth, Alex Mars observed his world with scrutiny. He, as a 'Prodigy', thought the world accepted him-but unfortunately, that wasn't the thi...
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Experimental (Under Editing)  by ocelot101
Experimental (Under Editing) by ocelot101
"Your right. I guess we made it this far." But the words were empty. Because we both knew we were going to die. Sparaline (Spara) Johnson is your average 17 ye...
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My first kiss under the moonlight by RileyRizzler0101
My first kiss under the moonlightby RileyRizzler0101
Neylan was very attractive but she never dated.She was cursed and because of that she had to be careful.She would fall in love with whoever kissed her on full moon.There...
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Lunar Academy : School For The Hunters by Suneo__
Lunar Academy : School For The Itssdiaboliko
She was raised as an assassin, went to the school for the hunters, but fought like a hero. Scarlet's life was really unpredicted. Sa una ay kumikitil siya ng buhay, and...
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Witches Of The New Era by Alien-ish
Witches Of The New Eraby Alien-ish
Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, Werewolves. They were all characters she thought were make believe. Creatures in children's night stories before bed time. Supernatural b...
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REUNITED: Gold by _majesty_
They are not just a mere myth and stories that parents can't tell to their children at night. They are alive, they exist and this FOUR can make you believe it and can ev...
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall by reddarlinggg
Mirror Mirror On The Wallby ATMA
Mirror mirror in the wall, what scary places will you take me now? It started on her seventeenth birthday. At first, she thought she was sleep walking but as she grow ol...
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Without Flaws | Fyodor Academy 1 by 3dream_writer3
Without Flaws | Fyodor Academy 1by Laeti
Nobody understands Parry Hathaway; not even his own boyfriend. At Fyodor Academy for gifted students, hardly a week goes by without Parry getting into some sort o...
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Ichor by cchildwut
Ichorby ¿
i·chor /ˈīkôr/ noun 1. GREEK MYTHOLOGY the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods
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Beautifully Dangerous: An X men story by madeline67000
Beautifully Dangerous: An X men madeline67000
Willow has always known that she is dangerous, that she is a weapon of mass destruction. She has known that ever since the day that her mutant powers emerged. Her powers...
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Lagos Witch[ON HOLD] by darkgirlnextdoor
Lagos Witch[ON HOLD]by darkgirlnextdoor
*** Hey, my name is Sharon Nwanedo and I'm a witch. Yeah, you read right. I'm. A. Witch. I'm not the midnight-coven-meeting type or the type you see all over Nollywood...
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naufragous | osamu dazai x reader by astromess
naufragous | osamu dazai x readerby あざ
naufragous (adj.) in danger of being wrecked or totally destroyed. - "I don't know if I want to drown myself in love, vodka, or the sea." In which two wron...
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Bungo Stray Dogs---Oneshots 2 by Stickit2nora
Bungo Stray Dogs---Oneshots 2by Stickit2nora
Oneshots of my favorite bsd characters. So enjoy these reader inserts... Osamu Dazai Chuuya Nakahara Ranpo Edogawa Ryunosuke Akutagawa Edgar Allen Poe Fyodor Dostoyevsk...
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Wait for you by pdimitriou2726
Wait for youby P. Dimitriou
Why is Andre de Rocha being unapprochable and dismissive towards Kimiko Callaghan? Being a 15-year-old at MIT, Kimmy is faced with many problems. When her Yakuza cousin...
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The Merkwood Chronicles by CANightingale
The Merkwood Chroniclesby Chloe
'One girl, one extraordinary school year...' When Mabel Banks, a regular girl from the countryside of England, receives a mysterious letter in the mail, her life gets tu...
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