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Tobias X Emilio (fanfic) by PizzaRollsDoge
Tobias X Emilio (fanfic)by PizzaRollsDoge
This is just a fanfic that i made out of boredom because I'm just sleep deprived-
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Tobias × carmelo  by ultimate-gay
Tobias × carmelo by bold_of_you_to_assume im_stra...
this is a fanfic just for fun since I got insperacion from someone! this takes place a little bit after tobias gets stabed by someone in the woods. This is a ghosteyes (...
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Ruby x Tobias Ghost Eyes by NASAapples
Ruby x Tobias Ghost Eyesby NASAapples
After Rudy's attempt to kill Carmelo Rudy finds himself in a bad situation until a certain someone comes to his rescue......or maybe not..... Hey guys!! I'm new to writ...
Ghost Eyes Bennet X Mattias by YaoiismylifeboiUwU
Ghost Eyes Bennet X Mattiasby YaoiismylifeboiUwU
This, like my other story, is a fanfic for the story Ghost Eyes, which belongs to Mr.CircusPapa, so, the character DON'T belong to me. I am a genuine Bennet X Mattias sh...
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ghost eyes bl oneshots (maybe) by CHILLs_Studio12345
ghost eyes bl oneshots (maybe)by CHILLs_Studio12345
the original's horror bl so this book is practically 18+ yaoi or something well not all...theres some AU's and stuff like that too... you've been warned...
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home (Ghost eyes fanfic.) (WARNING BL) by stosuh_stan
home (Ghost eyes fanfic.) ( stosuh_stan
after highschool Tobias gets kicked out his own home. having no where to go, Tobias moves in with Carmelo and Rudolph. Emilio soon joins the bunch, making Tobias questio...
book of big dumb by skylerqwq
book of big dumbby 𓃠
in which i draw my obsessions over and over again until my fingers scream [and vents too, i guess]
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Ghost Eyes by GrimlinTrash
Ghost Eyesby G R I M
Lyra Castle is a 16-year-old girl whose world is slowly falling apart around her. Haunted by frightening visions of dead strangers, Lyra is pulled into a mystery forced...
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OR3OES' ART BOOKby lotus.
mostly sanscest and undertale. warning: bad art comin thru
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tobixrudy. ghost eyes ship by tobixrudy
tobixrudy. ghost eyes shipby complete idiot
I do not own ownership over the webtoon im basing it off on. shout out to circus papa who made this webtoon. Im also completely changing the story. And sorry for the low...
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Ghost Eyes Fanfics by ItWastheNightRats
Ghost Eyes Fanficsby ItWastheNightRats
Eyo wassup bitches Hey friendos this is just gonna be some fanfics I wrote. They're not really aus or anything, but sometimes I change stuff. Also this will be the first...
Ghost Eyes Oneshots ( Fluff ) by Mrmcpiggy
Ghost Eyes Oneshots ( Fluff )by Hoang-khuang
Ghost eyes one shots with a bunch of fluff! Just like the title!!!
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Ghost Eyes Oneshots Collection by IzTerp
Ghost Eyes Oneshots Collectionby IzTerp
This book has a bunch of Ghost Eyes short-stories. If one chapter is well-loved, I will make a part two or something. This is mainly to help come up with an idea for a f...
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Alone - Ghost Eyes by JakeBoulderfist
Alone - Ghost Eyesby JakeBoulderfist
Rudolph is absent for the day, and Tobias tries his best to cope, but he's not very good at this.
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ghost eyes bl  fanfics by urmumgay12345678
ghost eyes bl fanficsby cinamonbun
i am EXTREMELY bored. :P p.s send request in comments
More To Him | Carmelo X Tobias [ Ghost Eyes ] by Mrmcpiggy
More To Him | Carmelo X Tobias [ Hoang-khuang
Tobias was harassed by Emilio yet again. How will Carmelo react to Tobias coming to him for help?
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Ghost Eyes x Reader Oneshots by That_UwU_boi
Ghost Eyes x Reader Oneshotsby That_UwU_boi
《I do not own Ghost Eyes.》
ghost eyes stuff by xxim_baby_vixx
ghost eyes stuffby bb vi
mostly drawings