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[BY9] Hành trình đến vinh quang by ha__lacc
[BY9] Hành trình đến vinh quangby laccute 🥰
Một bộ truyện tiếp theo về BY9!!!!!!!!!
𝙎𝙃𝙔 𝘿𝙐𝘿𝙀  . by deartobio
𝙎𝙃𝙔 𝘿𝙐𝘿𝙀 .by ‹ 𝓓 。
yunseong finds himself shying away from his best friend's sister. status: completed ( under editing )
pdx101; xàm xí cùng pờ rồ điu by dnggeum
pdx101; xàm xí cùng pờ rồ điuby pororo
groupchat pờ rồ điu - nơi thoả sức iu đương và xàm xí đủ kiểu của anh em cây khế kí tên : @pororo
pluviophile | keum donghyun [ON HOLD] by chestnutbeomgyu
pluviophile | keum donghyun [ON 🌰
pluviophile; a love of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days highest ranks;; #3 on pdx101 #2 on jellyfish #1 on keumdonghyun PLEASE READ MY BIO!
ProduceX101 Mess by HappyPetiteTree
ProduceX101 Messby HappyPetiteTree
Imagined daily life of ProduceX101 trainees.
fools || lee eunsang by farttae
fools || lee eunsangby im sowwy (inactive)
"once a fool, always a fool" start: 030719 (ongoing)
『 CHOCO LETTER 』by R E N J U N best boy
" i wonder if someone had ever give a chocolate letter " where a girl sends hates messages to a boy using a letter with a bar of chocolate in the letter. is sh...
Another Day in Summer by SnowRose29
Another Day in Summerby SnowRose29
"And I will meet you one day in summer, another day when I can see your happy face and foolish laugh once again." Sinopsis: Tentang Kim Yohan, seorang mantan a...
You and I (Produce x 101 Kim Wooseok) by VialentinaSafira
You and I (Produce x 101 Kim Vialentina Safira
bagi pecinta Kim Wooseok, ini cerita mungkin cocok untuk kalian. cerita ini akan membawa kalian ikut merasakan bagaimana Wooseok menahan semua bebannya yang menjadikan...
"WHO ARE YOU?" (complete) by HwangPETITT
"WHO ARE YOU?" (complete)by HwangPETITT
Hi! Iam a student from Academy of Arts and Music, im 19 years old 2nd year college. Let me tell you my story, how did i met the three guys of my life. (Sorry if some of...
Super special girl by Asukue00
Super special girlby Asukue 00
This is a Geum Donghyun ff. I hope you'll enjoy it!
sticky notes. by gryffinhyun
sticky gryffinhyun
donghyun dan sticky notes. start : June, 29 2019. end : - status : on going, slow update. geumffindor, 2019.