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gerard way oneshots by iIlness
gerard way oneshotsby illness
oneshots about the one and only, gerard way. relatively well written but definitely very cliche. i hope u enjoy!
Smut book by whoreforglassesreid
Smut bookby Charlie
Says it all in the title :3 Just send requests and if I know the character I shall do a smut/lemon on them. To make this easier, if you could, send requests for: • Ja...
Pudding Fic (Frerard Smut) by thtbandgeek
Pudding Fic (Frerard Smut)by thtbandgeek
kinda like the Milk Fic but Frerard... was originally a three part smut , now a book in progress ?
Gerard Way Imagines by brendonsbigbooty
Gerard Way Imaginesby ally biersack
Have you ever wondered what it's be like to date Gerard Way? Have a fight with Gerard? Have a kid with Gerard, and more? Well, here's your chance! You can find yourself...
My Nymph [Frerard Smut] by LeGayMrWay
My Nymph [Frerard Smut]by Astro Zombies
Priest!Gee × Nymph!Frank psychedelic shit enjoy B-)
Gloves (Gerard Way Smut) by crimsoncuurse
Gloves (Gerard Way Smut)by avery
This started after finding a picture of Gerard on Tumblr (from the blog killingjars) and it inspired me to make this oneshot. It could be better but I'll probably come b...
"The love of Gerard way" a Gerard Way love story by gerardsredhair46
"The love of Gerard way" a BunBun
This is about a story of Lena, Gerard way Is her idol. she's going to a Gerard way concert tonight, and after tonight her life will change. This story will include som...
Give Me All Your Poison by _itzabbie_
Give Me All Your Poisonby nichole l.
Frank pov: Gerard is my 27 year old English teacher and I'm his student. But behind closed doors we are much more than just that.
Gee and mee (Gerard Way FanFic) by My_Chemical_Diaster
Gee and mee (Gerard Way FanFic)by My_Chemical_Diaster
This is my first Wattpad fanfic so it'll probably be horrible but here goes. Tanya goes to the University of Chicago with her BFFs, Phoenix and Caleb. She lives a normal...