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A Witcher's Love (On Hold)  by lulu_lilibet
A Witcher's Love (On Hold) by ᵗⁱⁿʸ lu
This is taking place in the battle at Karer Morhen when Geralt Of Rivia is defeating the Wild Hunt and something unexpected happens. I just decided to create a short st...
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A Witchers song (Geralt of Rivia) (Wattys2016) by Khaleesi_of_Dothraki
A Witchers song (Geralt of Rivia) Khaleesi_of_Dothraki
Geralt of Rivia that man that women swooned over, the man that people feared, the man who thought the only worry he had in life was monsters until she came along that wo...
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The Love of a Witcher (Geralt Of Rivia x Reader) by Koogl001
The Love of a Witcher (Geralt Of Koogl001
This is a fanfiction of a young girl, that fell in love with a witcher that saved her the other villagers lives and homes. Thankfully, her love wasn't only one sided, ev...
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Geralt of Rivia X Reader by LucienSilver
Geralt of Rivia X Readerby Lucien Silver
Your village is attacked by a horde of kikimores. lucky for you, the famed witcher Geralt of Rivia clears them out. and you discovered that you have feelings for him. Re...
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Geralt's Origin by MetallicGears99
Geralt's Originby MetallicGears99
The origin of Geralt, how he became a great assassin .
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The Witcher - White Wolf by GossipZombie
The Witcher - White Wolfby GossipZombie
In this tale Geralt faces a new enemy. Theiss, the first born werewolf who is immune to his silver blade. The first known monster to be immune to silver, Geralt must fin...
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