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"Sus" (not Based On Among Us Logic Just Has Mr Cheese And The Gentelman)  by Forggo_The_Frog
"Sus" (not Based On Among Us Froggo
Pink is new to the skeld and she is trying to get to know everyone. Her name is Keira, Mr Cheese finds her sus. Yellow= Lemon Pink= Keira Cyan= Jack Lime= Lime Dark Gre...
Infinity Love by AlanAsaly
Infinity Loveby Alan Asaly
Hoffen always dreamt of the pure & true love that will last forever, but she always told herself it's not possible on this planet, so she avoided relationships &never tr...
How to be a gentleman  by eliiizq
How to be a gentleman by eliiizq
Monica and Luca are complete strangers to each other until they find out that their parents are making them get married. 48 days until the wedding 48 days to get to kn...
The Gentlemans Guide by teenwolf_scallison
The Gentlemans Guideby teenwolf_scallison
This is just a guide for men who want to treat their lady like a princess so guys if you jerks and don't have girlfriends it means you have some spare time so read this
Gentleman by k_yasmanie
Gentlemanby k_yasmanie
How could it be that I was searching for a man like you; before I ever got a chance to love you. We met; understood one another, and still, two unknown souls not knowing...
It happened for a reason by Aurelia09090
It happened for a reasonby Aurelia09090
Aurelia Hamilton is a 25-year-old CFO working at her godfather's business that she helped make international. She is known for being private, and extremely secretive. X...
Slice Of The Wolf. by -arrrrrr-
Slice Of The -arrrrrr-
Unimportant to read 😪
IN RETROSPECT by sabrinedachraoui
IN RETROSPECTby sabrine dach
A tragical love story of a rich man who fell in love with a very beautiful lady from a low society, then after years, he discovers that she's the girl that he lost years...
My personalitys by XxRedRiotxX
My personalitysby Almost.Kyouka
Heres a representation Of you meeting my personalitys in my mind