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gatorade ✧ haechan by lazulei
gatorade ✧ haechanby lazada
in which a boy secretly gives his crush a bottle of gatorade with a sticky note on it everyday.
Tyler1 x Reader by KoolRanch
Tyler1 x Readerby KoolRanch
Tyler1 makes a mating call and your life is changed forever
Learning how to love  by cookiemonster1864
Learning how to love by cookiemonster1864
Every one has a fear right? It may be spiders, clowns, the dark or even something weird like belly buttons. Some people may act tough like they are not scared of anythin...
Random Poems by Armiella
Random Poemsby Armiella
For all of my poems that are not about love, dreams, or whatever else.
How A Mislabeled Gatorade Saved My Life by scaredastronaut
How A Mislabeled Gatorade Saved Uke God
pres·sion dəˈpreSH(ə)n/ noun 1. feelings of severe despondency and dejection. "self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression" How did a blue raspbe...
Friends With Benefits by awaas12
Friends With Benefitsby Amy
Sadie and Liam have been best friends since Sadie was five and her dad died. However, when Sadie has a new crush on the school badboy, Luke, Liam decides to confess tha...
Among The Dust by NinJustin
Among The Dustby Justin Pollard
Years ago, the world was all but destroyed. The landscaped survive, but it was plagued by an increased amount of tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, but mostly dust storms...
Hello Shopper by yabadabadobby
Hello Shopperby yabadabadobby
A turbulent, yet refreshing short story
Hawkmoth X Reader 🥵🥵 by MiraculousSimpp
Hawkmoth X Reader 🥵🥵by MiraculousSimpp
You are your gender F/c means favorite color F/d means favorite drink THIS IS A JOKE
Wake Up, Get Paid, Get Laid, Gatorade by anxietyattheclub123
Wake Up, Get Paid, Get Laid, Patrick Stump=Daddy
A combination of a journal, a tag book, a rant book, and a place I put all my random bullshit. I'm really emo btw bye. This is the cringiest shit ever I'm so sorry.
Rawr by MakinseColwell
Rawrby Makinse Colwell
A Tragic Love Story
tama x megatron  by catgirllover69
tama x megatron by Meg
proper good story
Pinkity Drinki-TEA by REALBlndsundoll4mj
Pinkity Drinki-TEAby REALBlndsundoll4mj
Welcome to our tea shop, we're we serve only the finest tea brewing in MP
NFL Backstage Drama (Volume 1) by christhecripple
NFL Backstage Drama (Volume 1)by christhecripple
NFL Backstage Drama is the exclusive behind the scenes look at all the stars activities. Safe 4 children, will help them accept the reality of the world we live in.
Ivan by Jenna_Offic_Ortega
Ivanby 8-8-16
Hey this book is all about me (*pinches Ivan* -Lexi) Ouch! And my little sister Lex can hack me (*smiles* thank you brooo -Lexi) Jk she can suck a d*ck!!!
dylan x gatorade ff | kids only by r0xseee
dylan x gatorade ff | kids onlyby lexi
dylan has sexual interactions with his blue gatorade. he drinks it like hes sucking pp. anyways, enjoy ;)