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Hero Hunter Deku [My Hero Academia x One Punch Man Crossover] by THEBIGO08
Hero Hunter Deku [My Hero THEBIGO08
80% of the world is born with quirks but not izuku. He's one of the lucky 20% that has no powers. He lives his life hoping to be a hero but once his idol crushes his dre...
When Heroes Aren't Enough (Male Reader x My Hero Academia) by Skeptical_Samurai88
When Heroes Aren't Enough (Male Skeptical_Samurai88
Y/N is an enemy to both the heroes and the villain's. While the heroes see him as a vigilante using his quirk to take justice into his own hands, the villain's see him a...
Garou x Reader (Grey) by peachy_cheeks_sweet
Garou x Reader (Grey)by peachy
Y/n is a girl who grew up with a very clear view of the world; there is good and there is bad. Heroes are good and villains are bad. However, when a strange new characte...
the beast (garo x reader) by OBASANNN
the beast (garo x reader)by OBASANNN
he who has the power to defeat multiple heroes met a girl who's the sister of the ultimate hero... what would happen between both wandering souls, if they meet by chance...
The Monster and The She Devil (OPM x Fairy Tail) by nate_castro
The Monster and The She Devil ( Luis Castro
after dying at the hands of the A class hero Amai mask, Garou meets a god and is reincarnated into a world where magic thrives. what happens when he meets a certain She...
Garou x Reader [NSFW] by SsimplySimping
Garou x Reader [NSFW]by Jadey
Garou's got a big of a thing for the predator x prey trope.
Garou × Reader (My Badboy wolf) by CyberBabyy79
Garou × Reader (My Badboy wolf)by CyberBabyy79
What happens when (y/n) a Low-key C class hero bumps into the notorious hero hunter , Garou? Mild violence, cheesy romance ,18+, lemon🍋, and so much more.......
One punch man (Garou x Reader) by Thesolarfairy
One punch man (Garou x Reader)by Thesolarfairy
You decided it was time to leave, to go find your left the past to start a new future. Even though this new future seems a little hectic.
The Hero Hunter at Remnant by Supernova121
The Hero Hunter at Remnantby Supernova121
This is the story of Garou the hero hunter in One Punch Man,How will Garou and his fighting technique's be in this strange new world for him read and find out.
Akame Ga Garou by DEMGSC1920
Akame Ga Garouby Daniel
Awakened Garou loses his fight to Saitama. He asks Saitama to kill him, but like a true hero, refuses. Every other hero asks Saitama to kill Garou once and for all. But...
One Punch Man scenarios by Meilin44
One Punch Man scenariosby Meilin44
Hello everyone, as the title says I am doing OPM scenarios. Various X Reader style! I hope you enjoy!
This must be a mistake (opm garou x reader) by DepressoEsopresso
This must be a mistake (opm DepressoEsopresso
⚠️ warning bad grammar!⚠️ Y/n L/n a teenage girl, while looking for the reason to live, something unexpected happened. she's been feeling emotionless for a while. bored...
Garou (OPM x MHA) by ObsesssedwithOPM
Garou (OPM x MHA)by ObsesssedwithOPM
After Garou gets defeated by Saitama, he accepts his fate but Saitama let him know he has no intention of killing him. but the other hero's say otherwise and amai mask w...
The Human Monster in Remnant by the_third_zentomon
The Human Monster in Remnantby the_third_zentomon
What happens when God decided to send Garou to Remnant to review his life goal and to help locals? Well, you can check this book.
Touché (🍋Lemon GarouxReader🍋) by LaReinette
Touché (🍋Lemon GarouxReader🍋)by LaReinette
Just a fun, explicit little high school romp between a devilishly good-looking delinquent and you, Ms. Responsible Class Rep ;)
One Punch Man Oneshots 《COMPLETED》 by LexisZoldyck
One Punch Man Oneshots 《COMPLETED》by Sans Fangirl :0
《REQUESTS ARE CLOSE》 One Punch Man Characters X Reader First of all, You're gonna regret reading this. The grammar sucks and the story is cringy af. I highly recommend y...
the monster within: abused and neglected male reader x rwby and kaiju no. 8 by JacobBailey853
the monster within: abused and Jacob Bailey
I suck at descriptions, so just read to find out I guess. Also any and all art is not owned by me and I try my best to keep the artist name in the picture.
WALK IN THE PARK 🏃 GAROUby ❁ ʜ ɪ ᴀ ᴛ ᴜ s ❁
Walk in the park ᴏɴᴇ ᴘᴜɴᴄʜ ᴍᴀɴ ɢᴀʀᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ◈ ━━━━━━━ ⸙ ━━━━━━━ ◈ This is a short story for you and the Human Monster! Get ready for fluffs and some laughs while readi...
ONE DEATH MAN by Nathaniel_Joy071
ONE DEATH MANby uplague dr
about season 1:it a one punch man fan anime book I hope one punch man be happy for this)I just a friend of saitama and super-s members and we fight monsters and killers...
APPARITION - One Punch Man by anemoneunknown
APPARITION - One Punch Manby Anemone
After moving back to City Z to claim her deceased parents home, Nysa thought she would live the semi-quiet life. With a thriving café, a loyal dog, and her hero work, Ny...