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Furred world problems by AshenHound115
Furred world problemsby AshenHound115
Furs have taken over humanity's mantel as the dominant apex species on earth through force , fear , aggression and manipulation but that doesn't mean humanity is gonna s...
The Furry War by animelvr22
The Furry Warby chodeeater300
In a world where food and water is scarce, there's a crippling ozone layer, and a furry wars going on, things will get messy.
The Great Furry War by pheonixXkikiL
The Great Furry Warby Jean
My experiences a gamer girl in the Furry War.
Leaving Earth.. by TheGalaxyFoxx
Leaving Earth..by TheGalaxyFoxx
Year 3,000 It's year 3ooo... 9oo years after the first humen animal hybrid was created and 800 years after the last human was killed by the Helix virus, a incura...
An Account of the Great Furry War by genz2019
An Account of the Great Furry Warby genz2019
Taken from the diary of a gamer revolutionary fighting in the furry war.
Nerf Bullets (Oc Story) by MemeFicTwo
Nerf Bullets (Oc Story)by Epic Gamer
so this is a story about my oc Erik (( slight gay warning because i ship him with another oc who i might write a story about)) also big cringe warning lol
Gamer's Guide to Surviving the Furpocalypse by ikuraka
Gamer's Guide to Surviving the Fur...by ikuraka
Everyone has a time where they must stand up and protect those behind them, when they must pick up their best weapons and fight for what they believe. When the Furpocaly...
Purifier Wraith: Dyce by dyce12345
Purifier Wraith: Dyceby dyce12345
It's the journey of Dyce in the Tiktok Universe. He went through the GDI, moved on to other places.
The great furry war: The northern plague by Communist_Soul
The great furry war: The northern...by Communist Soul
This is a chapter in the story of our brave fighters defending themselves against the furry plague that haunts the world. CHARACTERS: Vektor: Obedient comrade from leni...
fiona by fionaismywife
fionaby fionaman
welcome to jordynn and sage can't sleep! we make short stories daily at like 1 am and half of them don't make sense! enjoy! leave topics in the comments and give us a ra...
FurReid by Watery_yogurty
FurReidby Mother of orcas
The 3rd instalment of the skinnyverse anthology, I can't add my own story into my reading list. This story is a joke, you don't have to read it if you don't want to.