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Realities (Yandere Fukase x Reader) by Nat_Chi
Realities (Yandere Fukase x Reader)by Nat Chi/Naysoid
Saving someone can bring them close to you, sometimes too close. When (Y/n)'s Vocaloid begins to talk back to her, they form a deep friendship. What she doesn't know is...
Go FUKase Yourself! (Fukase x Reader) by P4ndora248
Go FUKase Yourself! (Fukase x Read...by P4ndora248
"Ouch..." a weird voice moaned. You slowly turned your head towards whatever was there. Shattered glass was lying all over the floor, inbetween a young man, gr...
How to Fall for Mr. Popular • Olikase Fanfiction  by LockedAwayLove
How to Fall for Mr. Popular • Olik...by LockedAwayLove
• Classic tale in which Nerd meets Popular • Oliver spends his days with his best friend Piko and fellow members of the Game Club. The day has come where his world gets...
Marble Soda (Vocaloid Fukase + Reader) by StrawberryyLemonadee
Marble Soda (Vocaloid Fukase + Rea...by 🍓Strawberry Lemonade🍋
"AHHH! WHO THE FLYING FLIP ARE YOU?" "My name is Fukase, and, uhm...what do you mean by "flying flip", exactly?" I don't own any of the VO...
OliKase FanFic  by Kurumi_the_Neko
OliKase FanFic by Kurumi the Neko
Is it real? Am I really doing it? YES! I am finally doing it! I'm writing an OliKase book! So if you wanna know what happens you gotta read to find out cause I'm not put...
golden feathers | oliver x fukase ((DISCONTINUED)) by FlareTheFabulousFox
golden feathers | oliver x fukase...by CEO of ishimondo
Where Oliver finds Fukase sitting alone in a dark alleyway. (Oliver x Fukase) ⟸ ⟹ Began - November 30th, 2017 Completed - ⟸ ⟹ Milestones: 1k Reads ~ Tuesday, March 20th...
vocaloid stuff by Nekoneko708
vocaloid stuffby Oli/Olive
mostly the meme squad bc i love them
Floko stuff :p [requests open] :3 by princekitkat1107
Floko stuff :p [requests open] :3by 🍊oRINge🍊
I love this ship so I made this, get ready to drown in fluff hehehe -w-
Olikase-high school AU by LittleNell05
Olikase-high school AUby 🍌N E L L🍌
Fukase moves in with his cousins Teto and Cul, then soon starts going to a new school, where he meets all of the meme squad, including a certain blonde haired choir boy...
xanny | olikase // floko by FlareTheFabulousFox
xanny | olikase // flokoby CEO of ishimondo
"I'd love to have my first kiss while having a breakdown in the bathroom at a party." "Are you okay?" "Nope." (Oliver x Fukase // Flower x...
The Boy by the Shore (Olikase Vocaloid AU) by DiamondQueen1011
The Boy by the Shore (Olikase Voca...by Star~Chan
When Oliver meets a mysterious boy along the coast after a long voyage, his interest is instantly piqued as to why this boy refuses to speak. It's only after Oliver trul...
Fukase x Reader Oneshots by RubyHGZ
Fukase x Reader Oneshotsby RubyHWZ
Okay so, the only oneshot books I see of Fukase are him being shipped with Oliver, so here's one where he isn't shipped with Ollie! Cover art is not mine! It's by arina...
I need you. (FukaFlower) by Purple_Flame_456
I need you. (FukaFlower)by Sleepy one.
Fukase was moving in and getting used to people but felt lonely. He'd do his best to smile but he needed someone to understand him. He tried making friends but his face...
Vocaloid Headcanons and Facts by Otakutalks_mp4
Vocaloid Headcanons and Factsby Otaku Talks
Part one of Facts, Headcanons, details, relationships, hopes, dreams, and more of EVERY Vocaloid! ❗️REMEMBER some are facts and some are headcanons, let's see if you can...
Fukase Time - Fukase memes by FrootLOUp
Fukase Time - Fukase memesby The Louiest
I'm gay Warning: may include traces of Len/Lenkase
fuckase's journal by gayfukase
fuckase's journalby not gay
join fukase and his NOT gay adventures
A Girl in a All Boys Squad|Meme Squad Book|Vocaloid by CuteLittleFIower
A Girl in a All Boys Squad|Meme Sq...by »~♡VFlower♡~«
'In a world where Vocaloids live in houses together with squads decided by the Big Boss. What happens when a girl is forced to break away from her original squad and Joi...
Teachers Pet~❤ by -spoopynxrse
Teachers Pet~❤by мιкαη тsυмιкι
This will contain male vflower and yaoi. The ships in this are Floko, Olikase, and Kailen! Hope you enjoy~
Vocaloid Skits - mostly the meme squad and the cryptonloids by Wasabi101101
Vocaloid Skits - mostly the meme s...by ・。Dimi。・
-includes Skits labeled by numbers starting from 1. -includes Oneshots labeled by 'special' starting from 01. ((This book contains random headcanons at each chapter. Fo...