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An Explosive Freelancer  by AgentTorterra04
An Explosive Freelancer by AgentTorterra04
Y/N L/N or Agent Colorado is the best EO (Explosive Ordinance) user in the whole project. Although he is no where near good enough to be on the leaderboard. One day his...
A Soldiers story by PattyGodfroy
A Soldiers storyby ScreamAfterTheBeep
This is a Freelancer story. The story of one "Agent Kentucky" to be specific. His tale is one of mystery, after he is struck with amnesia. Not knowing who he h...
Agent Alaska: Recollection and Freelancer by DecimatedBodies
Agent Alaska: Recollection and Conor M.
(Seasons 6-10) {Book 2} After the events in Blood Gulch, a new person comes join the reds and Blues- Agent Washington! Though, things don't seem as an lovely reunion as...
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemons by Garnat2001
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemonsby Perla
It's just you and them ;)
Agent Alaska: Ghost (Red vs Blue) by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Agent Alaska: Ghost (Red vs Blue)by Agent Alaska
[BOOK 2 OF THE AGENT ALASKA SERIES] After crashing landing on the planet Chorus, Alaska finds herself in crash site Alpha, separated from her new friends and her old tea...
Agent Alaska: New Threat (Red vs Blue) by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Agent Alaska: New Threat (Red vs Agent Alaska
[BOOK 3 OF THE AGENT ALASKA SERIES] After winning the war against the Chairman, the heros retire to their own personal isolated moon, provided by Kimball, and "enjo...
WNY (a rvb and rwby crossover) fan made by Washington_WNY
WNY (a rvb and rwby crossover) Washington_Epsilon_WNY
Hello this fan fiction is about Washington, North, and York in Remnant.... Well you will probably say this is a RWBY and RvB crossover.... Well your correct but there ar...
Agent Arizona: Recollection by Fireslash97
Agent Arizona: Recollectionby H3LL-SL4Y3R
After reuniting unexpectedly with his father, Zone figured he might as well lay low for a while with his father's Team at Val Halla after the events of Freelancer. But l...
Red vs Blue X Neglected and Abused Male Reader X RWBY by TheoddSpaceMarine
Red vs Blue X Neglected and TheoddSpaceMarine
(Y/N) is another rouge freelancer with a shady past (I dont own RWBY or Red vs Blue or Halo any of the art in this book)
Agent Iowa: The Silent Freelancer (Red vs. Blue FanFic) by EternalNebula66
Agent Iowa: The Silent Sami
After Alison/Tex died, before Project Freelancer was started, the Director/ Leonard Church was depressed. After awhile the Director was tired of being depressed, so he a...
Agent Arizona: Season 10 by Fireslash97
Agent Arizona: Season 10by H3LL-SL4Y3R
Carolina, she was back. The only girl Zone had ever fallen for, was back. And she was mad beyond anything Zone had ever seen her become. She was out for revenge, and Zon...
Agent Arizona: Season 16 by Fireslash97
Agent Arizona: Season 16by H3LL-SL4Y3R
After stopping Temple and the Blues and Reds from destroying Earth, the Sim Troopers and Freelancers have decided to take a breather with some pizza in the mix. But when...
Red vs Blue One shots by happyluv2213
Red vs Blue One shotsby Josephine
Character x readers Character x Character And whatever else you want Just comment with what you want and I'll try to get that written.
Red Vs. Blue Oneshots by CriminalsLoveFiction
Red Vs. Blue Oneshotsby CriminalsLoveFiction
Straight, Gay, Fluff, Smut, Freelancer, Mercenary, etc. WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT! I'll try my best to write great stories for you. I do not own any part of the RVB...
Just Dropping In (A RvB x Halo Fanfic) by Spartan_Abby_Wren
Just Dropping In (A RvB x Halo Agent Alaska
"So you a Spartan or something?" "Not really. I'm known as a Freelancer." "A gun for hire? Lame." "I'm not a gun for hire and my life...
red vs blue 1shots by carolina30057
red vs blue 1shotsby Carolina
This is my oneshot book! Enjoy❤
Last To Know (RvB x Reader) by BickslowsBaby
Last To Know (RvB x Reader)by SoulSong
I do not own Red vs Blue (that belongs to RoosterTeeth), or the pictures (those belong to either RoosterTeeth or its fans), and I also don't own any songs, movies, or TV...
Free. Lance Artist by writingislifeblood
Free. Lance Artistby writingislifeblood
An adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda Story. How can I be a freelance artist if I'm not really free? Was always the question, until her taught her that being free...
Red Vs Blue by _-TheAmazingRed-_
Red Vs Blueby _-TheAmazingRed-_
OneShots, Imagines and other shit :) Requests:Open✔️ Btw if more people don't request I will strangle someone 😜 For requests either pm me or tag me to the comment like...
Freelancers Play Truth or Dare (Red vs Blue) by SharrowNightWing
Freelancers Play Truth or Dare ( Sharrow N
The Freelancers decide to play a fun game of truth or dare when they have a day off. What will happen? Will there be some romance between agents? Will Texas beat the shi...