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Frexy (Freddy x Foxy FNAF ❤) by Were__Woof
Frexy (Freddy x Foxy FNAF ❤)by Were Woof
Freddy and his gang having a fun time. Little does Freddy know one has a little~ crush on him hehe
Decayed love (Frexy Fanfiction) by foxyguy12
Decayed love (Frexy Fanfiction)by foxyguy12
The art is not mine it goes to the creator of it After the events of '87, everyone started despise Foxy for biting the child. Freddy and the others used him as a persona...
The Only Person I Love (A Frexy Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by Amicus_Wolf
The Only Person I Love (A Frexy Amicus The Wolf
Freddy and Foxy have been close friends with each other. But when the bite of 87 happened and some GOLDEN problems , everything changed but Freddy...find out more in teh...
Show Me Your True Colors by SecretlyCreativeHelp
Show Me Your True Colorsby SecretlyCreativeHelp
After the bite of 1987, Foxy is ignored and beaten by Freddy. While the other try to keep his spirit up. His fur soon starts losing its red color and starts turning into...
FREXY OwO Remake  by JulietFox_Shadow
FREXY OwO Remake by Da Fox BOi
Remake because I don't like how the other one Started there might be some same chapters as the old one because I still like the idea Foxy x Freddy Fredboi is perv boi ...
You're Different {Funtime Frexy} by Were__Woof
You're Different {Funtime Frexy}by Were Woof
After a while Funtime Foxy finally goes to meet the other Funtimes. Funtime Foxy soon tells them about themself when it's time. Funtime Freddy is always nice yet he does...
Nightmare frexy  by fall2005nc
Nightmare frexy by Fall
Nightmare foxy has been in his closet for years and has never come out, Nightmare Freddy noticed this and try's to help Nightmare foxy. But nightmare freddy starts to re...
Freddy x Foxy Drama Romantic Series by Br0k3n_Mel
Freddy x Foxy Drama Romantic Seriesby — Mel —
Frexy aka Freddy x Foxy Drama Romance Series!
|FREXY| by JAmes-craix
|FREXY|by JAmes-craix
Foxy, a kind, cute, funny loving fox has a crush on Freddy. It's been years that Foxy have felt this way but is too scared to tell him. He's scared that Freddy won't lik...
The Shy Bear and The Sad Foxy by LeroitheGriffon
The Shy Bear and The Sad Foxyby depressed bitch
This story will include yaoi so beware! I'm not so sure about the smut part yet. Foxy and Freddy had always been great friends. But then the bite of 87 happened, and the...
To Fix A Broken Heart by SecretlyCreativeHelp
To Fix A Broken Heartby SecretlyCreativeHelp
The sequel of Show Me Your True Colors! After being separated for a year, Freddy plans on using his knife to kill Ashlie, but knows he'll have to deal with everyone else...
Hook And Paw (A Frexy Fanfic) by PlutoPhantomhive2
Hook And Paw (A Frexy Fanfic)by Foxy the pirate
fan-fiction between the the 5 main caracters from the 'beloved' Horror game called "Five nights at Freddy's" ( Fnaf 1) Warning there is some very described...
💘"Rockstar Love"~Rockstar Frexy✨ by Megayaoilover
💘"Rockstar Love"~Rockstar Frexy✨by Rockstar Frexy Queen~
Im still making stories, this is my otp and the picture is not made by me. Characters ~~~~~~~~~~ Rockstar Freddy Rockstar Bonnie Rockstar Chica Rockstar Foxy and his pa...
Frexy OwO I MADE A REMAKE GO CHECK IT OUT PLS! by JulietFox_Shadow
-Fnaf -GaY -Freddy x Foxy -Freddy-perv-Yandere -Foxy-smol bean Freddy is Dominate Fnaf Is NoT mine it belongs to Scott Cawthon All the art shown is Mine WHAT IS my l...
I love you to the moon and back~Foxy x Freddy story by _Freddyfazber_
I love you to the moon and Freddy fazbear
Foxy and Freddy meet eyes they are instantly pulled in they are confused with there emotions. This story shows how emotions can control a someone for the better... and f...
The Shy Bear by zeraora
The Shy Bearby Cheshire
another foxy x freddy cuz some people wanted eH