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Virus (Sequel To 'A Malfunction?')(Bonnie x Reader) by Me-The-Me
Virus (Sequel To 'A Malfunction?') MeTheMe
After waking up in a dump, Bonnie finds the world he loved in a drastically different state, with his people on the chopping block. A virus, called The Devil's Infection...
No Regrets ✓ by GlamzRockFreddy
No Regrets ✓by GlamzRockFreddy
"I have no regrets of killing that guard you call as a 'friend'. People think I'm a threat,a influence,a distraction but that's not the case. But you darlin, you're...
The fnaf Yaoi/Yuri book 2 by TheRealCuddlyFox
The fnaf Yaoi/Yuri book 2by CuddlyFox
Yes there is more chapters that I make for fnaf. I am a huge fnaf fan and I love it! This will contain lots of yaoi and yuri look if you don't like this kind of stuff th...
Five nights at Freddy's: The Silver eyes (Charlie x Reader) by Puppet198463
Five nights at Freddy's: The Puppet198463
Based on the book by Scott Cawthon. Ten years after the horrific murders at Freddy Fazbears pizza that ripped their town apart, Y/N and their girlfriend Charlie, who's...
FNIA: Soul by Crash5020
FNIA: Soulby Crash5020
Mike is a down on his luck adult with no prospect in life. With no family to rely on and on the verge of losing his home, Mike goes out and takes up a job as a night gua...
Fnaf Scp Files by PhantomDeps
Fnaf Scp Filesby Hah No
Hello guys, I'll be posting fnaf scp files here to pass my time cuz boredom. Is that all im supposed to write. Uhm, enjoy the files? Some shit like that, idk. (Note: the...
Dark Incarnations by Nova_The_Dragon_YT
Dark Incarnationsby Nova_The_Dragon_YT
A young girl was dared to go into an abandoned pizza place by her best friend Ryder, the dark memories of what happened here led her to stay longer than expected. She kn...
Freddy x Bonnie x Foxy x Golden Freddy x Springtrap x Reader by Churro_Lucifer
Freddy x Bonnie x Foxy x Golden Churro_Lucifer
And if you call me a bitch make sure you out baddest in front of it Wack ass hoe My way my way or the highway (Warning cringy af, vulgar language, and yeah you get the...
Scars  by leftylefme
Scars by Bisexual^^^Bleach
Bonnie has always been the playful friend, until something happened with golden freddy and he began acting ood. Both freddy are golden freddy like him, not for the same...
After High School Years: A FNAF Story by BlueAbe
After High School Years: A FNAF I B
Please be honest about stories I make. This is my first Fnaf story I hope you find this interesting at least.
One Way || Fnaf x F!Reader || by Jess_Chan_Star
One Way || Fnaf x F!Reader ||by ♥ Weirdo_Star ♥
Broken. thrown away, Left for dead, only to survive. You only want to help your family out by getting this simple job right so why and when did it all go wrong? Was it a...
Purple is the color of love (Vincent x reader) by madisonisdatrash
Purple is the color of love ( Madison
(Y/n) just turned 19 and her landlord made her get a job. She sees an ad for Freddy Fazbear's and decides to take the job. She meets a lot of new people but she meets a...
FREXY OwO Remake  by JulietFox_Shadow
FREXY OwO Remake by Da Fox BOi
Remake because I don't like how the other one Started there might be some same chapters as the old one because I still like the idea Foxy x Freddy Fredboi is perv boi ...
Book Of Me by YourMyPuppetNow
Book Of Meby Jeremy Price
Really what ever I want
Strange...(FNAF x Reader) by Hysteircal
Strange...(FNAF x Reader)by Hysterical Puppet
The look in their eyes told (Y/N) they were screaming for help... (Y/N)'s older brother, Pete, wanted to go back to work at Five Night's at Freddy's again. A little did...
Fnaf character Au by Crash_bandicute
Fnaf character Auby Glam stan
this'll be all fnaf au shit that is now happening. idk sorry idk how to type
I'm going to post a chapter and leave me some requests! ❤️💙💛💚
The Loner | Foxy x Mangle Highschool by GTgaming59
The Loner | Foxy x Mangle GTgaming
If your reading this then thanks For looking at this story! This is my first story I have ever officially wrote so I'm sorry if there is bad grammar, bad spelling, and...