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Allegiant - The Real Ending by ChoosingAblaze
Allegiant - The Real Endingby Skye (They/Them)
{COMPLETE} First of all: The Divergent Series doesn't belong to me but the amazing Veronica Roth. Second of all: Tris never dies, Four never dates Christina, Caleb will...
The Fourth Eaton by FieldFullOfStars
The Fourth Eatonby Starscape
When Tobias Eaton leaves Abnegation, he doesn't just leave his father behind. When his little sister follows him to Dauntless, she knows that it's going to be tough. But...
Right? --A Fourtris/Tris Pedrad Story by olympus-writes
Right? --A Fourtris/Tris Pedrad Olympus
Forget Beatrice Prior. Here comes Tris Pedrad. She has a twin named Uriah and an older brother, Zeke. He is two years older. She has been a prodigy since age six along w...
Divergent High by Divergent_obsessed46
Divergent Highby Divergent_obsessed46
Tris Prior is attending a new school- Divergent High. She meets many new friends but someone that makes an impression on her, a boy with striking blue eyes! (But I neve...
Now or Never by silentcreatures
Now or Neverby 𝔾𝕚𝕘𝕚 <𝟛
Now following the 'Divergent' story, it's been two years since Amalia and Tobias learned that there was a plan brewing between Erudite and Dauntless; but the question wa...
Sheo's Story by justsheothings
Sheo's Storyby JustSheoThings
We all know Shailene Woodley and Theo James have undeniable chemistry on set, but what if that chemistry moved to their private lives? Would they have a flawless relatio...
Divergent Survival Camp by imperialstiles
Divergent Survival Campby C H R I S T I N A
In which a girl get's stuck monitoring pre-teens for the summer with a sarcastic boy as her co-worker.
Stubbornness (An Eric Coulter Fan Fiction) by SyricTW09
Stubbornness (An Eric Coulter Grand Phoenix
Alice was a younger sister of Tobias Eaton. They've been beating by their father, the leader of the council, Marcus. Their mother Evelyn always visits Alice sneaking so...
Pained by Writersaurus
Painedby Shay
But when I was handed the knife, I felt something inside of me change. Something awakening, a terrifying power that I kept locked up inside me. Strength. I was blinded...
Splatter [DIVERGENT] by imperialstiles
Splatter [DIVERGENT]by C H R I S T I N A
In which a boy tries to get a workaholic to have fun in life. //\\\//\\//\\ A Divergent Fanfiction (AU)
Country Roads: A Divergent FanFiction by Issabella_Sea
Country Roads: A Divergent Issabella_Sea
Beatrice 'Tris' Prior has lived in countryside all her life and has completely enjoyed herself with her closenit neighborhood, her 2 friends always right down the road...
Dawn of Death by SabrinaMalfoy45
Dawn of Deathby SabrinaMalfoy45
"Do you know what you have done by choosing this? You have brought yourself to the dawn of death!"
But Then I Met Her | ✓ by saturateds-nrise
But Then I Met Her | ✓by lou
I KNOW THIS IDEA IS OVERUSED We all know Tris's side of the story, but what about Four's? This story will take you into Four's mind, revealing his thoughts throughout i...
Fourtris High (fanfic) by FanWriter123
Fourtris High (fanfic)by FanWriter123
Tris has just moved to Chicago, and is starting a new high school. She meets a great group of friends and a boy who she can't stop thinking about. i'm not great at summa...
Divergent one shots by DeatheaterHufflepuff
Divergent one shotsby DeatheaterHufflepuff
I can't find any good Divergent fanfics anywhere on here except for like 1. So I am making my own. Majority of these are about Four. Identity reveals, about his fears...
Fourtris Oneshots  by percabethwisher
Fourtris Oneshots by Hannah!!!!
Just some cute Fourtris moments that make you wish you had a Tobias if you're own, and make your heart burst... All rights go to Veronica Roth the amazing.
Life All Over Again by Ella_Beatrice
Life All Over Againby Ella Beatrice
This story is inspired by a story named Starting Over, by @BringTheButterKnife go check it out cause it's awesome! //GOING THROUGH HUGE EDITING!!// *Contains strong-lang...
The Pig and the Frog by alohafourtris
The Pig and the Frogby laila;)
~completed~ What do you want to be Beatrice? I mean when you grow up." Tobias says, while we share our last moments together. We lay on the grass. Two six year old...
Divergent High [ON HOLD] by luv_divergent
Divergent High [ON HOLD]by luv_divergent
This is a story where Tris and Tobias used to date then break up when Tobias moves to Florida, then they both end up moving to Chicago when they become enemies, and Tris...
Secrets at Divergent High by caseykitten6
Secrets at Divergent Highby caseykitten6
Ever since Tris's mom and brother died, Andrew, her father, has turned abusive towards her. Now, she has to deal with high school on top of that. Will she make friends...