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FNaFVerse Romanceshots - Slzzp by SlzzpWalkee
FNaFVerse Romanceshots - Slzzpby SlzzpWalkee
Just give me a tff, pluless, theinvisibledavis, etc romance ship! achievements: 8K READS 💓 100 VOTES ✨ record ranks: #1 in fourohfourentertainment #1 in fnafroleplay #...
TFF FNAF Universe Headcanons by AwkwardWritingPotato
TFF FNAF Universe Headcanonsby Nick/Niki 🌸
Shut up, I just joined the fandom, and have hyperfixated on it for months, Im sorry-
ꜰɴᴀꜰ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ 💿  by unity_in_styx
ꜰɴᴀꜰ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ 💿 by ΉΛЯMӨПIΛ
"you're my superstar." Not JUST security breach! Other FNAF games are welcome.
FNAF Roleplay (Open) by huntercatflea184
FNAF Roleplay (Open)by HunterCat84
This is going to be an FNAF roleplay, with every character from every game included! You need to be active a lot or you might get left behind or taken over by someone el...
Security Breach Roleplay by RoxyInWonderland
Security Breach Roleplayby Space Princess
Because I am obsessed with security Breach. (Also I don't care that Bonnie isn't in it because Monty is better anyway, fight me. Kidding, but Monty is my favourite.)
"Welcome Superstarrr!" Lit Security Breach Roleplay by BeansAndScales
"Welcome Superstarrr!" Lit Securit...by Bean
May contain spooky elements or triggering topics
Foxy x Funtime Freddy by DoctorFlug09
Foxy x Funtime Freddyby Doctor Flug
This story is based of my YouTube channel where we do Minecraft FNaF roleplays, so before you go after me for this ship, me and the person who roleplays Foxy agreed to b...
Book of Muses: Five Nights at Freddy's by JadeDaUnicorn
Book of Muses: Five Nights at Fred...by Jade's RP Central
Here is the list of my FNAF muses! NOTE: This is part of a personal AU I have, so some details may be different than canon.
FNaF role play by OfficialMoonwatcher
FNaF role playby I💜dragons
Mu. ho. ha ha ha👿. Read the title.
Info & Shit- by _F4cel3ss-PuN-R4bb1t
Info & Shit-by - Sarcastic Buns -
I wrote this at 3:00 in the morning help- I am not okay
Ultimate Fright Night (Roleplay) by Partymangle2016
Ultimate Fright Night (Roleplay)by Partymangle2016
Ultimate Fright Night is a roleplay book that combines the gameplay elements of Ultimate Custom Night with the characters of the Fazbear Fright book series. The characte...
Kairi's Roleplay book by WolfSerenity02
Kairi's Roleplay bookby Nire
This is a roleplay book and a way to keep track of my oc's as they pop up. New OC's will be added when they come.