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Best Friends by Captain_Sirena
Best Friendsby Lorelei Balansa
In 1994, an earthquake hits L.A. and destroys multiple houses, including Jarrod's. Because of that his family moves away into the country life. Jarrod is very insecure a...
Dattado by Captain_Sirena
Dattadoby Lorelei Balansa
Five Stars Pictures's third novel. Based on The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. Dattado has always lived among the forest as a troublemaker and a misfit. When...
Cake-tastrophe by Captain_Sirena
Cake-tastropheby Lorelei Balansa
The short story that comes with The Time Thief. Based on Hansel and Gretel by Willhelm Grimm. The two siblings are kicked out of the house. The duo become responsible ge...
Heaven's Delivery by Captain_Sirena
Heaven's Deliveryby Lorelei Balansa
Five Stars Pictures's first novel. Inspired by The Storks by Hans Christian Andersen. Heaven is a insanely talented deliverer in C.D. (Cloud Delivery). One night, C.D. c...
Prodigies Deliveries by Captain_Sirena
Prodigies Deliveriesby Lorelei Balansa
Perla, a pink stork, Cloundmax, a penguin colored stork, and Wingo, a brown griffin are three birds that work for Charmies Deliveries. However unlike normal storks that...
Dinner by Captain_Sirena
Dinnerby Lorelei Balansa
The short story that comes with Heaven's Delivery. Yu the monkey has a crush on another monkey named Monie. Now, he must work with Dizzy the panda to win her love.