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friday the 13th the game - short fanfictions by gothtights
friday the 13th the game - short maddy
here i collect short stories about friday the 13th the game. i ALWAYS take requests since im bored all the time. if you want a part 2 of a story just tell me. send me r...
Final Girl  by MxoxoMxoxoM
Final Girl by M
Danielle Lane (Tina), is new to school. A group of guys; Jake, Hale, Taylor, and Louis find her as the perfect target, a blonde. They lure blonde girls into the forest a...
FINAL GIRL ⇄ GRAPHICS by EmmaAppreciation
Ouija Board Murders by matthewleeth
Ouija Board Murdersby Matthew Leeth
Carrie and Chelsea just want to enjoy their last year of high school, the boys, the parties, the pranks.... The Ghosts? Carrie finds a Ouija in her bedroom, with a note...
Welcome to Beckinsdale by mich556781
Welcome to Beckinsdaleby Author M
A high school had to submit a documentary of his choice to his dream film school. Throughout making his documentary, his small quite town in the middle of nowhere became...
Final girl preferences ( ON HOLD ) by Anti-socialTeenager
Final girl preferences ( ON HOLD )by Anti-socialTeenager
I love this movie and have never seen any fanfic about it so i thought I would make one.
Final Girl  by Villegas_sg
Final Girl by Bbg
Nova, the new girl in town, is lured into the woods by a group of senior boys looking to make her a victim. But the boys don't know that Nova's been trained to handle he...
SCREAM- The Returned by dilaurentisx
SCREAM- The Returnedby PrettyLittleLiars
If you thought it was over, you're dead wrong. Imagine Piper was never revealed as the Lakewood Slasher. Imagine Kieran never helped her. Imagine a beautiful, bustling...
The Reaping of Cotton Hill by AngiePettet
The Reaping of Cotton Hillby Angela Pettet
The following interviews and articles are a collection of witness accounts describing the Reaping of Cotton Hill. Until now, these documents have been locked beneath th...
Surviving Being Human  by AMgorr
Surviving Being Human by Abby
Everything has gone to shit, and I don't mean that just in an obnoxious teenage angst kind of way. I mean in an actual your-neighbor-will-eat-you-face-off kind of way. I...
Horror Survival Etiquette for the Modern Lady by Crystaldraconian
Horror Survival Etiquette for Crystaldraconian
A must-have guide for the refined, proper lady who wants tips and tricks for taking down a serial killer with an axe while keeping her shoes tidy and her outfit wrinkle...
Final Girl by PoptartMafia
Final Girlby Epic Ritz
She didn't start it, but she'll finish it. Amber isn't your average 16 year old. She's clever, witty, beautiful, and best of all...deadly. When the local girls in her to...
Here Lies Jasmine Lake | ✓ by fiorygal
Here Lies Jasmine Lake | ✓by Chels
"There should be rules to slasher films. Rule One, always shoot twice and make sure the killer's dead." "Rule Two, survival of the fittest. Don't stop to...
Friday the 13th: Blackwater (Discontinued) by DatRtfantho
Friday the 13th: Blackwater ( DatRtfantho
Jason's coming for you... And without Crystal Lake, there'll be nowhere left to hide on Friday the 13th. Follows Game Characters. After Part 8, Jason Voorhees is swept o...
Final Girls Guide to Surviving Horror Movies by MadameMagicia
Final Girls Guide to Surviving Clockwork Misa
If you are in a horror movie, chances are if you aren't dead by now, you are the only girl, and your overall a badass, or lucky, here are some tips and tricks of how to...