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SURVIVOR'S JOURNALby Catherine Delos Santos
I am alone. In a Zombie Apocalypse. I'm on a self-journey to find more survivors or trying to find a safe place. Or I'm just living through it and surviving all by mysel...
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7 MIDNIGHT SONGSby Catherine Delos Santos
What happens when seven modern American English girls get transmigrated and reincarnated into another world? Into a world of fantasy, magic, and mystery? And then the s...
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FIERY BLADEby Catherine Delos Santos
Get magically transported into another world! There are Romance, Fantasy and Adventure! ***** A Modern Author, Elaina Raine was rejected by her first-time fantasy novel...
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Frances by YourNewMariaClara
Francesby frances doluntap
this story is base of realisation in life and story of different people
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Bumped On Your Shoulders (English Version) by realhermosa
Bumped On Your Shoulders ( Princess
"What did I do to you for you to be angry at me?" Bumped On Your Shoulders written by : realhermosa
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A Story Like Any Other. by fortheholygrail
A Story Like Any fortheholygrail
What if everything is a dream? It isn't, but what if? What if suddenly, your nightmares come true? It won't, but what if? What if change is right in front of you? Would...
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War of Gravity by mdc_143
War of Gravityby ThinkerBelle22
I saw him standing in the shop but it feels like he's not there. "You don't know me." I sense a smirk by the end of his word but when I turn on the ball of my...
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Resonance by MisordinaryGirl726
Resonanceby Anne Henson
Like the black and white keys on a keyboard, we resonate
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Killer Santa (A Christmas Special) by JustAStoryWriter17
Killer Santa (A Christmas Special)by Jay Tanalgo
Being left at home at Christmas time and thinking that Santa Klaus will give you gifts when he'll visit is the most common though we could always imagine. Well, what if...
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• poem of everything •  by lunaaaee_
• poem of everything • by 🌙
a series of poem that I made with wholesome emotions and feelings towards my homies. All Rights Reserve 2019
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Humanoid by GeminiEmerald
Humanoidby GemiRald
Does the world only consist of humans and other organism including plants as its only living forms inhabiting the only planet you call Earth or is there some kind of al...
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Heiress In Disguise by hell0stranger_
Heiress In Disguiseby Lady Cat
It's Bella's 18th birthday and she just found out that she's the heiress to Soleil Group, one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Her parents, Elena and John Spenc...
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Red String of Fate by hell0stranger_
Red String of Fateby Lady Cat
The dull life of Ellie changes when she unexpectedly meets someone from the past. Are they destined to be together? Will they end up together despite all challenges and...
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What My Heart Says by MoldedSecrets
What My Heart Saysby Adarah Lavigne
Divided in two parts. Part I for the Spoken Poetries and Part II for the Poems. Read this book for her stories written in a poem format. ©All Rights Reserved
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A Tiny Love by theheathenfish
A Tiny Loveby Hsieh
I wonder what will happen if one day you'll find someone that will mean a world to you, would I stop or would I still write about you- or mayber I'll write about he...
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Bitch Of You [GxG/Lesbian/LGBT] by _BitchOfU_
Bitch Of You [GxG/Lesbian/LGBT]by αriα
Arlene Kayne Enríquez is the Captain of the volleyball team at Marguerite Academy, she's 17 and known to be the school's "player". Rumors has it that she slept...
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Wheelchair (English Version) by realhermosa
Wheelchair (English Version)by Princess
A short story about sickness over love. (English Version)
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Open Letters by slykay
Open Lettersby Christine
These are my letters to the universe and I wished to be heard.
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Heartless by microjin
Heartlessby bradleysimpsss
Hearts will be broken and feelings will be destroyed. Stars will be gone and the sky will be nothing more. Wounds will heal and scars will form. "Go, live with your...
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A Compilation of Philippine Short Stories Written by Different Filipino Authors by JhovLovesYou
A Compilation of Philippine Jhov unnie ♪
Disclaimer: I don't own any stories posted on this book. This book contains the different contemporary English short stories written by the different Filipino authors. T...
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