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Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔ by cookiecream_x
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔by Ava Meyers
Our faces are just inches away, his breath fanning my face. And after that, he says something, says a simple sentence that makes everything in my insides clench and yet...
50 Shades of Pleasure | afi au  by lustingz
50 Shades of Pleasure | afi au by 🌟
(based off of 50 shades of grey) when eden is offered to interview the owner of Irwin Inc., she realizes that the owner isnt all that he seems to put up as a facade.
fifty shades of divorce ✅ by fr0zenyogurt
fifty shades of divorce ✅by Shadesofcafe
Its been a few months since Ana and Christian have gotten married. when Ana finds out that Christian is cheating on her and returns to his old life style she is done an...
One Way Ticket by DornanJohnsonJD
One Way Ticketby DornanJohnsonJD
Jamie and Dakota have always been close due to their roles in the fifty shades trilogy. Will Dakota finally tell Jamie how she really feels? Will Jamie have a guard up o...
Fifty Shades Of Yukhei ||Luwoo by Sn00py_Woo
Fifty Shades Of Yukhei ||Luwooby Seventeen City
When college senior Kim Jungwoo steps in for his sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Wong Yukhei for their campus paper, little does he realize the path his...
Fifty shades shattered by RZ2410
Fifty shades shatteredby RZ2410
Did you ever wonder what happened to Ana and christian after fifty shades freed? How they dealt with their children growing up? This is about betrayal, mistakes and reg...
Memories of You by steelexxgrey
Memories of Youby e.
After 5 years of leaving Seattle and Christian Grey, Anastasia is finally going to marry her boss and her new lover. The only problem is, Christian knew about it and is...
Fifty Shades of Sasuke [Sasuke Uchiha X Reader] by pumacchi
Fifty Shades of Sasuke [Sasuke joelle
[Modern!Sasuke X Reader] He's the successful CEO of Uchiha Enterprises, while you are just a normal citizen of Japan, however, when you two meet on n interview you find...
Dear Virginity by Imaginist_Princess15
Dear Virginityby Imaginist_Princess15
Felicity Boris is stern on her path as standing as a 19 year old virgin in the middle of college and she doesn't have time for such distractions. But her friends are so...
Loving Him is Grey (50 shades fanfic-PG-13) by MaddiMellark
Loving Him is Grey (50 shades MaddiMellark
A cleaner version of 50 shades of Grey. Anastasia Steele is a new journalist, falling for the mysterious, attractive CEO Christian Grey. What happens when two very diffe...
Fix You by ficsAnabel
Fix Youby ficsAnabel
I know it is hard, baby, but please, try again. I know it is painful, but please let me see your beautiful smile one more time. I am here, I will try to be here when you...
50 Shades of Daniel [Kathniel Fanfic]  by iamanna7392
50 Shades of Daniel [Kathniel iamanna7392
Based on Fifty Shades of Grey A Philippine Version of the world wide best selling book. Starring Mr. Daniel Padilla and Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. New Twist. New Flick. Hop...
Multi~Fandom Imagines by yeetmeoffacliff247
Multi~Fandom Imaginesby yeetmeoffacliff247
I write all kinds of imagines. They will all be x reader. I do Not do imagines with a name. Feel free to request! I will use what you want in the imagine but it will be...
So Much More by bloodandromance
So Much Moreby M
Dakota Johnson was just a young actress trying to do her job while also hiding her feelings for her married co-star Jamie Dornan; and she did just that. But soon, fate i...
THE MYSTERY OF STEELE HEARTS by myimagination2012
At first glance Anastasia Steele seemed like a normal single mother. Soon, Christian finds out, how wrong he had been. The more he gets to her, the more mysterious she a...
Fifty Shades of Blue by theBrilliant
Fifty Shades of Blueby theBrilliant
AoKaga Fifty Shades of Grey Kagami is a college student facing a boring future of teaching. His roommate and friend, Kuroko, gives him the chance of a lifetime when he g...
Fifty Shades of Yuri by victuriiiiiiiiii
Fifty Shades of Yuriby Nathan
"Yuri." "Victor." "I never wanted more until I met you"
| FIFTY SHADES OF BTS | by Bts_fantasy101
| FIFTY SHADES OF BTS |by yoonglicious
"sign here if you want to have a good time with BTS" ; )
My Work Partner || Jjk. by fanfictionated_jjk
My Work Partner || fanfictionated_jjk
{18+} 'Και τι γίνεται αν δεν σ' αρεσει;' 'σιγά μωρέ,μια ταινία θα γυρίσουμε μαζί..μετα δεν θα ξαναμιλήσουμε..' 'Εσύ ξέρεις..' μακάρι να 'ξερα.. ____ Co-Actors AU Origina...