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The Daughter of Christian Grey by kenzieshrum
The Daughter of Christian Greyby Whatislife?
It is all in the story. *All Characters in this story belong to E. L. James*
His Girl Charlotte by moodyl0ve
His Girl Charlotteby moodyl0ve
Michael is a 29 year old billionaire in Portland OR. He is a smart man and takes his career more serious than anything else in his life. When he hires 23 year old Charlo...
fifty shades of divorce ✅ by fr0zenyogurt
fifty shades of divorce ✅by Shadesofcafe
Its been a few months since Ana and Christian have gotten married. when Ana finds out that Christian is cheating on her and returns to his old life style she is done an...
Fifty shades of Kolvina (on Hold)  by AmyTS34
Fifty shades of Kolvina (on Hold) by Amy Turton Smyth
Kol Mikaelson runs Mikaelson enterprise with his siblings. He runs the business in Seattle while his siblings run the other businesses in Miami, London and Paris. He's a...
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔ by cookiecream_x
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔by Ava Meyers
Our faces are just inches away, his breath fanning my face. And after that, he says something, says a simple sentence that makes everything in my insides clench and yet...
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US by elasparkles
USby Ale
Cassie Harris was a young, beautiful and successful doctor. She was a force to be reckoned with. Cassie never had a chance to enjoy her college years because she was to...
S H A D E S by FallonDeMornay
S H A D E Sby ♕ Khaleesi ♕
Fifty Shades as it was meant to be ... Tristan Shade is accustomed to always getting his way. A man with the world at his fingertips, there isn't anything he can't have...
Fifty Shades Of Shekhawat~  Season 2 ~ After Love (Slow Updates) by Ms_fanatic01
Fifty Shades Of Shekhawat~ Ahana Roy
The story starts after 6 years from Sandhir breakup! Why those who held hands for lifetime promise did separate their paths? How will they meet? Did destiny play a foul...
From Rags to Riches by KStarrr123
From Rags to Richesby Kristy
Rebecca Kramer had her life planned out: go to college, become an editor and eventually run her own publishing company. But life threw a spanner in the works, and at eig...
A World Apart by CathyJensen
A World Apartby CathyJensen
Using E L James Characters for this story line. Anastasia Steele was adopted by her step father when he married her mother. Her stepfather took custody of her after bein...
Poseidon and Amphitrite  by Poseidons_Wife
Poseidon and Amphitrite by Amphitrite
What happens in the bedroom of the king and Queen behind closed doors.... He pulls out of me suddenly. I wince. He sits up on the bed. When we came out of the bathroom...
50 Shades of Daniel [Kathniel Fanfic]  by iamanna7392
50 Shades of Daniel [Kathniel iamanna7392
Based on Fifty Shades of Grey A Philippine Version of the world wide best selling book. Starring Mr. Daniel Padilla and Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. New Twist. New Flick. Hop...
Fifty Shades: Submission and Strength by Capital-Perspective
Fifty Shades: Submission and Capital-Perspective
Anastasia, 21, is a closed-off, fully trained submissive with a bleak life and dark past. Billionaire Christian, 25, was initially looking for a robot, but quickly wants...
Fifty Shades of Family by creatingnewthings123
Fifty Shades of Familyby creatingnewthings123
Have you ever wondered what happened after Freed? How their life went out? Are Ana and Christian still together? and what about their children? In this story you will ge...
Red Is Not My Color by CathyJensen
Red Is Not My Colorby CathyJensen
I am using E L James Characters from Fifty Shades Of Grey. Anastasia Steele 21, Raymond Steele 51, Carla Adams 27(really really 40) she lies about a lot so why not her a...
Fifty Shades Forgiven by fictionalescapist
Fifty Shades Forgivenby A
Fifty Shades Of Matthew Gray by burntpepsi
Fifty Shades Of Matthew Grayby ¯\_(⁰͡ ͜ʖ⁰͡ )_/¯
*old* Description: Matthew Gray Gubler learns that he's just gotten the part for Dr. Spencer Reid on a crime show called Criminal Minds. Little does he know, one of his...
THE MYSTERY OF STEELE HEARTS by myimagination2012
At first glance Anastasia Steele seemed like a normal single mother. Soon, Christian finds out, how wrong he had been. The more he gets to her, the more mysterious she a...
fifty shades darker- what if by 1669theStoryTeller
fifty shades darker- what ifby 1669theStoryTeller
what if 50 shades darker started differently... WHAT IF ana wasn't that weak..
Fifty Shades Of Yukhei ||Luwoo by Sn00py_Woo
Fifty Shades Of Yukhei ||Luwooby Seventeen City
When college senior Kim Jungwoo steps in for his sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Wong Yukhei for their campus paper, little does he realize the path his...