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STORM.    (Young Justice and Percy Jackson ) by AbiMorwani
STORM. (Young Justice and Percy...by AbiMorwani
All rights reserved Percy and the Justice League and the young Justice
Fempercy Jackson: Betrayed by eniolaadora20
Fempercy Jackson: Betrayedby eniolaadora20
your normal chaos story, but maybe with a twist.Persephone 'Seph' Jackson gets betrayed by the camp but instead of a new student framing her,it was her best friend,Anna...
Princess of the Sea (Fem Percy x YJ) by PokemonDestiny
Princess of the Sea (Fem Percy x Y...by Marissa
Children of Poseidon are automatically in line for a throne in one of the Atlantean city-states, something that has not happened since before the Oath of the Big Three...
a story as endless as the ocean ; female percy jackson (PJO series) by trinity-mia
a story as endless as the ocean ;...by 🥀trin🥀
Allie Jackson is a name most people know. She is known for being an actress with many movies and t.v. shows under her belt at the young age of sixteen, not to mention mo...
The Arrangement (Pjo Avengers crossover) by KittyP318
The Arrangement (Pjo Avengers cros...by KittyP318
FEmPercy x Thor She thought her troubles were over... NOPE! She is basically forced into an arranged marriage. Enjoy! I know some parts are really cringe-y. Just bare w...
Out of Water (Fem!Percy) by theOfficialGrandma
Out of Water (Fem!Percy)by Victoria
Like a fish out of water, Persephone "Percy" Jackson has lost everything. Everything from her friends, her soulmate, her mother, her family, all because she wa...
The Sea's Warrior (Fem Percy x YJ) [REWRITE] by PokemonDestiny
The Sea's Warrior (Fem Percy x YJ)...by Marissa
Percy has faced down the horrors of war and the mythological world. Now dealing with the aftermath of the final battle, she's sent to live with a relative. One who has n...
Fem! Percy. (Was called Tagged!) by Bookloverstudio38
Fem! Percy. (Was called Tagged!)by Bookloverstudio38
Hi! I got tagged and decided that I should also try to write a story. So this is going to be a Fem Percy story, don't really know what's going to happen, just winging it...
There Goes a Fighter by RangerHorseTug
There Goes a Fighterby RangerHorseTug
Perseus Jackson always hid who she was, masquerading as a man to protect not only herself but her mother as well. But now, years after both wars, Percy was a SHIELD agen...
Fem Percy Jackson And Her Girlfriend by Leibler2007
Fem Percy Jackson And Her Girlfrie...by Leibler2007
Avengers/PJ & HOO/ Shield **FEM PERCY** After the Giant War, Percy comes out to her friends and tells them about her secret girlfriend, Natasha, Annabeth and Wade ( Perc...
You'll Never Hurt Anyone Again by CaptainWMD
You'll Never Hurt Anyone Againby CaptainWMD
I told you years ago that you better hope you're not one of us. I told you to run, to leave, to forget you ever picked up the godforsaken book. If you're here, you ignor...
The Circus Act by TheDemigodWarrior101
The Circus Actby DemigodWarrior101
Persephone was only six when she found out she was a half-blood or Demigod whatever you want to call them. It just got worse as she went threw two wars and the pit by th...
A Bit Different by nightshade128
A Bit Differentby Nutan
Persia(Percy) Jackson is a legend among all Asgardians, even the gods. What happens when a particular Thunder God gets to know that he is engaged to the famous heroine? ...
criminal minds x fem percy jackson by AshleyWitten
criminal minds x fem percy jacksonby ashley_likes_writing
Reid is a son of Athena percy is a daughter of Poseidon no one believes that reid has a gorgeous girlfriend until she pays a little visit also i do not own criminal m...
Clark Kent's Demigod Daughter by heartweasley17
Clark Kent's Demigod Daughterby Sam Uley
When Persephone "Percy" Krínos Jackson was a small baby her mother Sally and stepfather Paul were killed. The Goddess Hera, who loved Percy with all her immort...
PJO oneshots by Xxblue_cookiezxX
PJO oneshotsby Xxblue_cookiezxX
These are some oneshots, most of it are Lukercy and Perchaos.
She's back (Fem Percy X Grayson) (Young justice crossover) by Catness14
She's back (Fem Percy X Grayson) (...by Catness14
After the war Persephone (Fem Percy), didn't fell at home because her two of her best friend died in the war, everyone at camp half-blood slowly drifted away from her th...
Persephone Kane?! Wait! What?  by Starmist14
Persephone Kane?! Wait! What? by Katelynn Reed Brandt
What happens if Sally Jackson was cousins with Ruby Faust who then will marry Julius Kane. But when Sally dies unexpectedly, her daughter, Persephone "Percy" J...
Fem. Percy Meets Young Justice Ultimate Collab by PokemonDestiny
Fem. Percy Meets Young Justice Ult...by Marissa
It's kinda what it sounds like and I'm not gonna be able to say much in here cause I have no idea how this is gonna go also comments are super duper very much welcome he...
Oh, Birds That Fly (Dick Grayson x Fem! Percy Jackson) by TheDarksOne
Oh, Birds That Fly (Dick Grayson x...by 𝑜𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒
Persephone "Percy" Jackson is a hero. Was destined to be, will always will be. Which is why, even when (seemingly) everyone she loves is killed in the Second G...