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A Hoe With A Motive by BubblegumDic
A Hoe With A Motiveby BubblegumDic
Natalia Chevrolet daughter of world famous model Bella Chevrolet. Natalia has it all from alluring beauty to endless riches, She is heartless when it comes to boys going...
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Sweet Summer Sweat by mustangwitch
Sweet Summer Sweatby mustangwitch
"You want love that consumes you" And that is exactly what Delilah is going to get.
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the bellucci clan of italy and the alejandre empire of spain have been allies since the early days of rome; their lives are never short of lust, money, and power. but wh...
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The Billionaire's Seductress by CollateralSunshine
The Billionaire's Seductressby PJ
Seducing powerful men into telling her all of their secrets is Scarlett Ambrose's specialty. Ace Hardwood is probably no exception. * The gorgeous, confident and charism...
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Extended Borrowing  by Slytherin12345
Extended Borrowing by Jeanette Goldman
Rosie Devereaux is an international thief on the lookout for all things that glitter. Phillip Darling is a wolf in...well...wolf's clothing. He is the best of the best...
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Femme Fatale by UltimateAcid
Femme Fataleby V
"Now that we reach your standards you need us, you love us, you want to be a part of our lives?! Well fuck you!" She growled ----------- After their mother's d...
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Liar! Femme Fatale by UntilGaming
Liar! Femme Fataleby UntilGaming
Despite your parents being the leaders of a gang, life couldn't be better! At college, with your two best friends but...they're just two-faced users...?! A fortune telle...
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SAVE THE QUEEN by limernce
rhys khadija and danica brooks were always perceived to be the perfect couple; so when danica strips rhys of her title and pushes her to the bottom of their elite colleg...
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Goldblood | updates Friday by wishuponajinni
Goldblood | updates Fridayby Jin
Rhea wants nothing more than to kill her father. But not just because he's any run-of-the-mill scumbag. No, he's a god. And he's the one who cursed her with being a gold...
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The Heist at High Tide by kapdragon
The Heist at High Tideby J. Kap
Outlaw and ruffian Raven Halloway has spent her life running. From her past, her ex, and a whole slew of other problems. But she hasn't simply been running away without...
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ELITE CLASS ACES by iamcsji_
Friendships are made not only from sugar and spice, made up of not everything nice, but the loyalty, tenacity, passion and resilience that bonds everyone together, formi...
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Anything But Boring by nourzambelli
Anything But Boringby nourzambelli
Taylor Andrews was born and raised in Savanna. She has been bullied since her first year of high school because of her weight, so she decided upon a therapeutic retreat...
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Suburban Vampire Ragnarok by FranklinPosner
Suburban Vampire Ragnarokby FranklinPosner
Office worker and ordinary guy Scott Campbell is probably the last person you'd suspect of being a vampire. As Scott helps his vampire allies mop up the damage caused by...
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Queen of Hearts by heyitsaraaaa
Queen of Heartsby Arabella S.
"Don't you dare die under my watch, Isabella." *** Isabella Moretti is known to be the best among the rest. A deadly rose amongst a field of daisies. A strong...
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GUNS AND ROSES ° jaemin + jeno by fantastic_odyssey
GUNS AND ROSES ° jaemin + jenoby “ j u s a n „
[Agent/Femme Fatale/Assassin AU] A trio of an agent, a femme fatale, and an assassin forced to team up on a mission. A mission that would blossom into something more. &q...
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Twelve Disciples by NoctuaAter
Twelve Disciplesby NoctuaAter
A group of supervillains, known as The Eleven Disciples, attacks the sleepy island town of Morningdawn. In order to fight them, a bad-mouthed teen must unlock her inner...
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Fearless by R_Devaux
Fearlessby R.Devaux
I'm not weak, I never have been, but you. You make me feel weak! I'm vulnerable around you. And you show me all of my dark secrets and lies that I'm wrapped in. Sienna R...
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Wild Skin by Ronianna
Wild Skinby Gloria
➡️The 2018 Wattys Longlist The Akwa empire has risen to become the most powerful civilization of its time in the Eastern and Central Africa, having spread its territorie...
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Creed by mafiamanaddict
Creedby 𝐫𝐲𝐚
"In every loss, there's a gain." I say. "There is no gain if it means I have to lose you!" He yells, banging his fist against the table. I startle an...
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Forward In Time  by KassandraCrawford
Forward In Time by Kassandra Crawford
Assassins Creed Fanfic Phaedra Caldwell a.k.a Nyx is a Femme Fatale in New York, she is known in the crime underworld as a force to be reckoned with. In her pursuit of e...
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