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Because of Clyde Parker  by pseudonymously__
Because of Clyde Parker by h. grace
highest ranking #9 in new adult, #2 in adventure, #1 in #projectbadboys and #2 in #projectgiggle In which Dawn Marshal, a wonder-child and wallflower sans the perks of...
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His Skittle | Re-publishing by Caramelly_yours
His Skittle | Re-publishingby Mohitha ❣
Life has treated Melannie Black terribly for years. She survived high school with the help of her nerdy pretense, avoiding all drama because she already had too much on...
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Playlist by cloudytpwk
Playlistby 𝐉𝐄𝐍
When you have a crush how do you express it? Maybe with diary entries or maybe with song writing. Or maybe your like Lyla, every time she starts to develop a crush she m...
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Her Secret Smile✔️ (Book 2) by Roshini_97
Her Secret Smile✔️ (Book 2)by ROSINI
"Having a hopeless crush on Siddharth for more than a year Roshini couldn't handle this unrequited love anymore, either she wanted to forget him or to get close to...
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The Poems of my Life by evangelistanio
The Poems of my Lifeby Kuya_minionsss
"I light my life up Through my poetical words But it doesn't recognize Of anyone who's with me."
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Bethroted At Birth by leemarh__
Bethroted At Birthby leemarh__
Umairah your normal sweet , lively , lovely , little mischievous seventeen year old. Who comes back home from school just to be faced with a life changing truth. What wi...
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Which is Reality??  by emptyatea
Which is Reality?? by intsik desu
Formerly entitled Beyond the Canvas Shortly after William Malevick sees a canvas of a woman he doesn't know of, in an art gallery while on a survey with his friends, he...
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Apparently Not Human by AlimaBabes
Apparently Not Humanby Thatcrazymysterygirl
"The most traumatic day of one's life. A day that one can never forget. It haunts them and travels the their head freely, like it was invited." ***************...
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Carnage Rising by AnyssaMayah
Carnage Risingby Anyssa
They are the Angels of Carnage. They were created to destroy and rage wars across the cosmos. They were looked upon like Gods, with no comparison, as they drowned entir...
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Sponsoring Books by XxWafflesNPancakesxX
Sponsoring Booksby Therapist_Sigman
This is a book I'll use for sponsoring books that scare Moscow_Russia ;')
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One girl, in an all boys school.. by MarissaTheOtaku
One girl, in an all boys school..by M a r i s s a
This story is about a rich high school girl named Lola that moved into a new house and was transferred to an all boys school where she meets a boy named Nathan. Nathan s...
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Savannah's Diary by NychtophileWriter
Savannah's Diaryby niktofilia
Best friends? Or more? 16 Year-old Savannah has been contemplating with herself ever since she grasped the fact that she's inlove with her best friend, Austin. Again. Wi...
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ENTWINED by agatharoza
Read while it's free. Will become Paid Stories soon. Published by Wattpad Books & Penguins UK. {completed story} The Fiction Awards 2019 #1 Winner for Best Teen Fiction...
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The Knight's Rose by honeyasher
The Knight's Roseby Honey
She was his sweet Rose. ⤝O⤞ Many centuries ago in a far away vast land lived three kingdoms of riches. Chuvaria was known for its peace and harmony. Crescala was known...
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A Right To Love → d. seavey au by SUGARYSEAVEY
A Right To Love → d. seavey auby ❀ fenella ❀ 🔗🕊
High school senior Daniel Seavey joins Adelaine Love in the struggle against racism and oppression in the 1960s to prove to the world that love has no prejudice. ...
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Flower of The Rain by DannyJa6
Flower of The Rainby DannyJa6
A new illness swept through the capital. Only five percent of people who get this disease will live. Ellie used to be called Elisabeth Cabot; the second child of wealth...
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America Riley: Heartbreak  by RuthXanadu
America Riley: Heartbreak by ✿ X A N A D U ✿
'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.' Truer words have never been spoken. Take me for example- my life looks flawless; My father is rich and practically runs Hollyw...
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Everyone Loves It 《Mykie》 by voidcrimsonsky
Everyone Loves It 《Mykie》by Crimson Sky
Random updates on Mykie (Glam&Gore), mostly Instagram posts and stories, tweets, memes, edits, her new YouTube videos, and anything else I find and want to share. Also...
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Clairvoyant Arabesques by skyrain29
Clairvoyant Arabesquesby soul|dewdrops
"I told you not to care." "I don't but I'm going to help you." Then I realize, Rowan doesn't look nice or even attractive, He looks wrong. He looks c...
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Mr. Beauty Queen And Me by Ellebell26
Mr. Beauty Queen And Meby Ellebell26
Lucy Markson has been dragged along to beauty pageants since she could remember, but not for her, for her two sisters. Out of the three siblings, she has been considered...
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