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Everything's Fine by noodlesaurs
Everything's Fineby Sam
Peter isn't the same after the events of homecoming. He covers this up very well however, he does it so well that not even Tony Stark himself can see how broken the kid...
Severus Snape's Wife by nightwing2
Severus Snape's Wifeby Alfred F. Jones
No one has ever met the wife of Hogwarts esteemed potions master until something happens to him
A Doubtful But Forgiven Sin.  by Whygoodusernametaken
A Doubtful But Forgiven Sin. by Whygoodusernametaken
After Dark Choco has left the Cookie's of Darkness, he decided to banish himself from the Dark Cacao Kingdom, his homeland. Dark Cacao was ready to forgive him for that...
Tough Love by ASimple-Mistake
Tough Loveby Rebecca Ash
August Straus is a dancer at the Lady's Gallows, and a lover for hire. Love is easy to give when the cash is flowing, but the cops are getting wiser and August's past is...
The Strong Bond by SilverReading823
The Strong Bondby SilverReading823
Kanan and Ezra go to investigate on a dangerous town on Lothal. Hera is worried about Ezra because that town is known for kidnapping. Kanan makes sure to keep a good eye...
A Small Situation by piggy_bank69
A Small Situationby Breanna
When Optimus and Bumblebee go out on a mission together, Megatron decides to try his new toy. Bumblebee gets hit and well... let's just say Optimus is going to have to r...
The Slave Boy (Star Wars AU Fanfiction) by Elvenjediofnarnia17
The Slave Boy (Star Wars AU Fanfic...by Elvenjediofnarnia17
What if Darth Vader went to Tatooine to do business with Jabba the Hutt, and met a young slave boy, who reminded him so much of a different child. A long gone child who...
Reliving a nightmare by Star-Wars-Dragons
Reliving a nightmareby Fawn Bridger
When Ezra gets taken by a gang of thugs he stole from years back, Kanan and the Ghost crew must find their young Jedi before its too late. - Note: Ezra does get injured...
I Guess Miracles Are True. | a dadvid and gwenvid fic |  by buttcheeks6969
I Guess Miracles Are True. | a dad...by spencer 💗
max was abused, but suddenly one day he was fed up with his so called fathers shit and took a run for it. he had to find a way to possibly suriving in the wicked streets...
The Jon Solo Chronicles Book 1: A New Hope by RaideroftheLostVader
The Jon Solo Chronicles Book 1: A...by Emma
The first book of a slightly AU version of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, and eventually, The Force Awakens, plus The Last Jedi and Episode IX. Imagine, if you will, th...
Captain Marvel: My Mother (BOOK II) by sakuralou2689
Captain Marvel: My Mother (BOOK II)by sakuralou2689
Amnon Montmartre (Amnon-Selah) got abducted and enslaved by the Kree-Lizard forces while his mother Carol Danvers-Montmartre had to find a way in reuniting with him. No...
My Little Bee by ALEXENAx
My Little Beeby Random Stories
When the autobots and decepticons are fighting optimus notice a escape pod nearby he thought it's one of the survivors that escape but he thought wrong as a little bee c...
Manan ff Our Love by concordia_intenebris
Manan ff Our Loveby little_snowy
heya sweeties... Ummm... what should I say... this contains drama, romance, betrayal and of course our very own manan... a broken girl who is holding on to the last stra...
Raven friends :)  by Luna_Dreamer666
Raven friends :) by Getsumei
This is a dsmp story. As we all know Phil has crows or his "children" everyone on the smp thought that only Phil could have his chat as an animal on the smp. L...
[BEWARE OF BETRAYAL] - DAMIAN WAYN...by insert screen name
"I later found myself on Avenue X. And on Avenue X, I soon found him. A feather floated down from the sky, a sway that could lullaby one's eyes to a restless stat...
Calling Jack  by cowgirl_story_editor
Calling Jack by Lizzy Dock
Set at the end of Season one of Heartland. (Except Ty is a year younger then he was in the show) Ty probation is over which means he has to go back home with his mom a...
Nice Work, Kid (Tony Stark and Peter Parker Fan Fiction) by Holland_Stark
Nice Work, Kid (Tony Stark and Pet...by M'lady ;)
Tony met this kid named Peter when the fight between him and Captain happened, what will happen if Tony actually cared for the boy? (I really suck at descriptions I'm so...
Escape From the Darkness by NightRiver16
Escape From the Darknessby DS_Blxck
As Luke Skywalker fights against the Empire on Lah'mu, he is injured and left for dead on the battlefield. Being found and rescued by a certain Dark Lord of the Sith was...
The Jon Solo Chronicles Book 4: The Force Awakens by RaideroftheLostVader
The Jon Solo Chronicles Book 4: Th...by Emma
Jon Solo grew up during the Rebellion's fight against the Empire. He is now an adult and a pilot in the Resistance, led by his stepmother, Leia Organa, as they wage thei...
A Gotham Christmas (Batgirl x OC Story) by TonyGarcia348
A Gotham Christmas (Batgirl x OC S...by Billy the Blue Beaver
Things have not been looking up for Barbara Gordon/Batgirl lately. She recently found out that her boyfriend Dick Grayson/Nightwing was cheating on her, and dumped her f...