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Against Fate (Eternal Love of Dream/Pillow Book FanFic) by JOYHYT
Against Fate (Eternal Love of Drea...by JOYHYT
This is a 'Modern Love Story' fanfiction based on Eternal Love of Dream drama series/Ten Miles Pillow Book Novel, written by Tang Qi Gong Zi. The storyline would be simi...
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Rewriting Our Nemesis...  by mira_410
Rewriting Our Nemesis... by Mira
This starts when Shivaay forces Annika to marry him. The story will try it's best to remove the loopholes which are there in the show. I hope this entertains you!
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Goodbye to our Past. by kuchikiara
Goodbye to our Past.by kuchikiara
She loved him quietly, selflessly, secretly. He broke her heart every time. He loved her quietly, deeply, stubbornly. Even after her dead he'd look for a way to bring he...
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Choice Of Fate  by Elle_real
Choice Of Fate by Rylie
Starting from that day, I promised myself that I'll stop complaining for painful heartbreaks. Whatever happens, I'll just go with the flow and let my fate decide. The Je...
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I Promise ✰ by herserendipity
I Promise ✰by QueenBea
The closer he got, the faster my heart beat against my chest and then he was finally standing right in front of me. I didn't have the strength to stand up as our eyes me...
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Alpha's Forbidden Mate ✔️ by auroraslovenote
Alpha's Forbidden Mate ✔️by 𝘫𝘶𝘭𝘦𝘴 <3
I couldn't believe it, I couldn't dishonor my pack. The one person I had to stay away from was my mate, of course just my luck. Ophelia Moon was daughter of Alpha Liam...
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She Walked Along the Docks by WestEmerald
She Walked Along the Docksby Pasithea
Book 2 Rán will do anything to go back and fix what she broke, the only problem? She has no idea how to get back.
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When only Love remains by _Swini_
When only Love remainsby _Swini_
Agent Wang meets Dr. Xiao accidentally while solving a case. and the hope he was searching for in the past, comes back hunting his present.. 'Is he doing well? Is he st...
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Fate/Last Time by Henry_Recon0516
Fate/Last Timeby Henry_Recon0516
Shirou Emiya, Perfect archer now servant.If Time Archer Shirou was summoned in the holy Grail.
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Hour Before Dawn by 150rewind
Hour Before Dawnby LampPost150
They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Literally speaking, the darkest hour in the day is followed by dawn when light begins to shine through the horizon. M...
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Chapter 200+.Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband. by WarmSunflower123
Chapter 200+.Goodnight Kiss From M...by ☆☆
Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Li...
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Boku no Hero kingdom by granizos-s
Boku no Hero kingdomby granizos-s
Don't know what to do here
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Fate by Kimana-tae
Fateby Kim Ana
چیڕۆکێک باس لە تۆڵە سەندنەوەو خیانەت کردنی کەسە نزیکەکان دەکات باس لەوە دەکات پارە چڵکی دەستە .......
System change the fate by Nisha_lucy
System change the fateby LUCY
Adria Campbell had everything in her life. Her family pampered her. She really had everything that she wanted except a BOYFRIEND.There were many proposals... BUT No one...
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Shivika ss- The light of my life by shivikapal
Shivika ss- The light of my lifeby Palak
Female protagonist of this life is our hero. The female protagonist of our story is suffering from domestic violence and has become a really broken person who has left e...
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Path towards light by caesiumbae
Path towards lightby -n.n
Meet Deena Eijaz, an autonomous courteous and gregarious girl. She had everything that she needed. She was beyond thankful towards Almighty for whatever he has given her...
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January 27 by Debbie_Ingrid
January 27by Debbie Ingrid
Fate decides what happens in our life. But what happens when the fate itself shows up in your dream and everyday your life goes in a déjà vu? Emily Greene, a young and i...
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To Marry an Heir [Novella] (MxM/Interracial) ✔️ by PaleAire
To Marry an Heir [Novella] (MxM/In...by Ricardo Lopes
Forced by his friend, Richard Topaz, a college student, applies to a speed date where he meets and falls head over heels for a cunning young man. What he didn't know was...
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Breath of the Void by xPenguinlordx
Breath of the Voidby Penguin Lord
The appearance of one person can offset an entire timeline. Changes, turns, twists. When that person doesn't exist in history, there's nothing that fate can do to try an...
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I loved,hately by aryasinhaaa
I loved,hatelyby Arya sinha
"Why did you do this Rihaan?" "I did it??" I was amazed...all these months and she is accusing me?? .......................... Ragini was my last hop...
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