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Avenger [PJO] by Grand_Caster
Avenger [PJO]by Solomon
Atenea volvió a hacerlo, volvió a destruir una vida inocente. Alguien que solo fue culpable de... Amar profundamente a su hija... Disclaimer: Ni PJO ni Fate series me pe...
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the kindest tyrant by boombabylololol
the kindest tyrantby it's me your dad please come...
Y/n is a boy who lives with his ill mother who's on the verge of death and at the same time studies in MIDGARD academy the biggest school of a planet with more than 30%...
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Fate/Misguided Paths (Male Reader X Female Harem) by vashen01
Fate/Misguided Paths (Male Reader...by Vashen01
Y/N L/N lives an entirely normal life, before one night, he goes to sleep and wakes up the next day to realize he's not at home anymore. It doesn't take him long to also...
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The Knight of SAO by DarkPrinceZeldris
The Knight of SAOby Dark Prince Zeldris
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azur lane: the last battleship of the royal navy  by orion77supreme
azur lane: the last battleship of...by orion77supreme
your name was vanguard but changed your name to y/n and is in hiding from azur lane also crimson axis from being scrapped but the ship girls don't scrap you at all (I...
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Always by reader_Annah
Alwaysby Annah
Arabella's life had never been easy. In fact, the world she lives in is plagued with chaos and destruction. Arabella has an important role to play to secure the kingdom...
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Fate by -peachyoongii
Fateby losing braincells
"What if our fate is meant to break us apart?"
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I Ignored the Protagonists, Now They're After Me by nikkiyokoyami
I Ignored the Protagonists, Now Th...by nikki
Maerie Valdoll is the daughter of a lesser noble, yet she was entangled with the five most popular and sexiest men since she was born. Her life is full of bliss for the...
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fire emblem legion RP by megaman099115
fire emblem legion RPby memeLord
due to me playing fallout New Vegas for a bit and liking the legion faction I've decided to make them a country in The fire emblem universe for this RP Will you still fi...
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Crash Landing on you - the untold scenes by RitaArcher
Crash Landing on you - the untold...by Rita Archer
I'm a huge fan of Crash Landing on You. A powerfull show. Beautiful. Exquisite. Wonderful cast. Awesome story. As a fan, I've imagined a few scenes, that I believe could...
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Pendragon!Male reader x Sword Art Online Alicization by MineBeast224
Pendragon!Male reader x Sword Art...by MineBeast224
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Strike by annemarshallofficial
Strikeby Anne Marshall
What if you could visit a town that was just like your own, except everything is the opposite? Same neighborhood, same people, even the same broken water fountain that...
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"I wanted you and now I have you." When those words left the gangster's lips, Saya felt mad. It was stupid, everything she was letting herself hear from the yo...
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Fate/Circus Maximus by thenewmase
Fate/Circus Maximusby korinachan.
The Grail War is starting; you know the rule, however, this one's a bit different. An original story in an alternate timeline of the Fate universe.
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Blindspot | p.jm by bts7ven
Blindspot | p.jmby bangtanbangtanbantan
He's arrogant, she's blind. - warning ⚠️: strong language, triggering scenes, mentioning of mental health/illnesses. - Copyright ©️ 2020 by bts7ven All rights reserved...
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LEGaCY (DMC x BNHA) by Dmanra
LEGaCY (DMC x BNHA)by Dmanra
[ Yn Redgrave ], find himself in an unfamiliar place where everyone has superpower. How could he be ended up there? Didn't he was at the underworld last time? ( Remember...
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BITTERSWEET by EstherWangari036
BITTERSWEETby Esther Kimani
Kim James is the typical business tycoon you all know. He serves only good looks. At 27 he's a CEO of his dads company that was left to him after he retired. During one...
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Into the Moonlight | A Werewolf Story by bethancbryce
Into the Moonlight | A Werewolf St...by Bethan C. Bryce
Life isn't fair. But Angie Hayes thinks it should be. When a mystery man claiming to be her soul mate whisks Angie away to a world rife with problems she isn't sure can...
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"KILL ME NOW"  |  Taekook by _bye_bye__
"KILL ME NOW" | Taekookby 🥀ASHTON🥀
Taehyung is a killer and hitman Jungkook is suicidal What happens when Jungkook hires a hitman to kill himself ⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️
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ReFLeCtiOn (Fgod) by MeatballsAreYummy
ReFLeCtiOn (Fgod)by PotatoMemes
What will happen if a Forced God of Destruction got transferred into another fgod multiverse and meet their counter part? Will they team up or break into a fight? What w...
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