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Never Happily Ever ((Complete)) #EAHWattyAwards2018 by mlpeahwriter987
Never Happily Ever ((Complete)) #E...by Isabelle
((Complete)) Summer has come and the students of Ever After High are ready to go home for two months, before returning in September. Ashlynn Ella is so hexcited for summ...
Tom Holland imagines by mack_alex
Tom Holland imaginesby Mackenzy Alexandria Christene...
just some of Tom Holland imegions to bright up your day. All things are posible just never give up. #TomHolllandisthebest
A rosa de cristal (a flor Cinderella) Regal academy 3 temporada by anaclara61fee
A rosa de cristal (a flor Cinderel...by anaclara61fee
Em pleno 2021 acredito que o desenho pode voltar🙏🏻 Rose corre o risco de perder sua Vó depois que um vilão misterioso ataca o castelo no dia do seu aniversário , em...
Take Me Home- Peter Pan (once upon a time) by MadamMadness
Take Me Home- Peter Pan (once upon...by No_Game_No_Life
2 years ago Emma's friend Olivia came to find Emma saying that she was in some sort of trouble and needed Emma's help. Since Olivia was Emma's best friend she would do...
Peter Pan the Evil Version |Once Upon A Time by NayibGonzalez
Peter Pan the Evil Version |Once U...by NayibGonzalez
The reason why pan is evil
A Figment of Imagination by SMILEtillIThurt
A Figment of Imaginationby SMILEtillIThurt
Cassie is a eight year old girl who gets bullied in school due to her overactive imagination. Follow her as she travels through fanastasia to prevent the evil witch, Lau...
Thirteen months by Teller92
Thirteen monthsby Steven Anthony Hunte
Beyond the realms of humanity, many creatures live, hidden from view. Witches in our high schools, demons, and fairies at our jobs & creatures thought to be long since d...
Sleep by mysterymaker
Sleepby mysterymaker
Kate has just entered the 4th grade, which her brother says she'll be lucky to survive. Kate is a child of a family of four, and always compared to her " perfect&q...
The Story of A Rose by SavageRose3
The Story of A Roseby Savage Rose
A young boy name antonio rose wonder off from his friends and family trying to find out who he relly is in life he feels lost sacred and alone his mom works alot so he...
Love, tears and a little danger by KathyVntr
Love, tears and a little dangerby Kathy Ventura
Here I will be writing several different short stories of all genres. Hope you like them.
The Story of  Goku  by SavageRose3
The Story of Goku by Savage Rose
In a plant far away call plant verge a Yong sayin name goku was born his dad name is Bardock who sent him to eath cuz the plant was be destroyed when goku got to eath...
the tale of Edmond Boyd [ON HOLD] by aubie99
the tale of Edmond Boyd [ON HOLD]by Aubie99
Edmond boyd is a seventeen year old boy who has been living on his own since he ran away when was ten years old. One day, Edmond is traveling in the woods when he discov...
Fairytales  by WrapUpMyBones
Fairytales by gabe
"prince tyler you can't be running around with that silly peasant john." "josh." "what?" "his name is josh." "it doesn't mat...
Magonna by BarronLowe
Magonnaby Barron Lowe
Merlin turns evil and kills Magonna so they send for Magonnas great grandchild to finish what they started
My bitchy Tales by Somewhere_near_
My bitchy Talesby Somewhere_near_
Big bad wolf and little innocent red riding hood? Lovely snow white and the evil queen? Innocent Rapunzel and cocky Flynn? Nothing stays the same. Be surprised what wil...
Not so well know tales and other stories by lapis-luzli
Not so well know tales and other s...by Daniele Polonsky
I love fairy tales and especially love talk to others about them, But not a lot are well known. I hope you enjoy these not so well known storeis
An American wolf-vampire. by KelseyButler1
An American wolf-vampire.by Wysteria Elizabeth
Long ago in a land called starlight the alpha of the were-wolves and the king of vampires started a war on who would get the land. The humans and wood nyphs sided with t...
imagination world by fairytailislife13
imagination worldby Tyler dragoneel
this is many stories and stuff like that come out of my imagination i call it the imagination world