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Bite Me ✔️[#Wattys 2019]  by DestinyJ2006
Bite Me ✔️[#Wattys 2019] by Destiny Jones
Highest rankings: #1 in life or death. #3 in vampirexhuman. "Oh come on rose stop being a goody two-shoes. Live a little." Anna said in a teasing voice causing...
Queen of Krampus by JCharm4
Queen of Krampusby Charmed Witch
Eira Engel may have the looks of a goddess, a brilliant mind, and an unnatural soul of pure innocence. All but a man that truly loves her. After a crazy fight happened d...
"Kiss Him, Not Me!" Modern! Genshin Impact x Fujoshi! Reader VER by _jul13_
"Kiss Him, Not Me!" Modern! im ur wife
I fricken unpublished this like- 3 times for rewrites.. Uh. Anyways, as you can tell my the title, this book is based off the manga, "Kiss Him, Not Me." (Yes...
The Last Female Alpha by _mhashipper
The Last Female Alphaby ❤️🌸Mia🌸❤️
There was a new wolf joining a pack, the new wolf was a female. Her name was Ellie. She was in the last 50 female alphas over time there was then 20 and now 3 and sooner...
Billy idol x reader  by evieunholy
Billy idol x reader by Evie Naylor
Billy idol x reader This is very sexual or at lest it get very sexual and if your innocence or don't like it rough, leave ;)
3:16 a.m. [RocxPrince] by Blvck_Pwer
3:16 a.m. [RocxPrince]by ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ
Stereotype, You know how in stories how Prince is always the shy-like, bullied, or recessive one because he would seem like that type of person in a situation. Then you...
Don't Say A Word [Book 5] by Alexander226
Don't Say A Word [Book 5]by C. M. Alexander
Amy Foster was a normal girl living a normal life until everything changed overnight. Both her parents were killed by vampires and her older brother is missing. Now all...
Royal Bride by heyim008
Royal Brideby kali
A baker's daughter with a mouth-- not interested in marrying anyone after the royal heir announces he will choose a common girl to marry. Cassandra is annoyed, she wishe...
Birds of a Feather fly Together by LaniyaClarkN
Birds of a Feather fly Togetherby TrapbunnyBtcha$$
Landon Kirby spent 17 years of his life looking for his palace and he found it with Hope Mikaelson and the rest of the Salvatore School now get ready for his twin sister...
Bakudeku fantasy au by Cookie-lover-locker
Bakudeku fantasy auby I hate my life😒
This is Bakudeku fantasy Femdeku au izumi midoriya is a omega and bakugo is the dragon king and is looking for a mate how whole izumi's life change
Amazing Stories On Wattpad Vol. 2 by starrchick28
Amazing Stories On Wattpad Vol. 2by Jada Sidoti :)
Hello Reviewers, I have finished the first book! So I have decided to continue with the reviews, but I don't think I can go over 200 parts/chapters, so this book is cre...
The Wings Series: My Beginning (on hold) by kay_milly
The Wings Series: My Beginning ( Kay maxmillion
Zariah Rose life is about to change and she can't do nothing to stop it. She grew up thinking that she was a normal teenage girl but she's far from normal. She has speci...
the 9 millenniums by black_cross1
the 9 millenniumsby danieller venom
the mother of langley and wife of nixon has died.her final wishes were for her ashes to be given the great god algar.nixon and langley set off on a journey to get to the...
Rebooting Heart || Yandere Creator x Cyborgs Pet  by diabolikloversayato
Rebooting Heart || Yandere diabolikloversayato
•]••'º'•» This is project Reboot! «•'º'••[• ---→ Rebooting Heart Reboot: When a computer crashes but then refreshes or restarts My name is Hisame, aka project 7777. I'...
Demon eyes by SugarSweetDots
Demon eyesby SugarSweetDots
Welcome to a world of magic and demons. Join Alesa life and see everything through her eyes.
Fantastic Fantasy  by Pack_Sisters
Fantastic Fantasy by Pack_Sisters
This is a rp with me and another sister on this account it's is a fantasy world with the monder world companied. Hope you like.
Souls by Xx_RainaScarlett_xX
Soulsby Raina_Scarlett
Layla Nile, a semi-normal teenage girl, is about to have her life flipped upside down. Her normal routine is interrupted by a mysterious phantom. Little does she know th...
Aeris Big Adventure *DISCONTINUED * by wildwolf1820
Aeris Big Adventure *DISCONTINUED *by Mims or Mimitha
Things will change over time.... There's an elven little girl who was not so little anymore she knew she had to think and act quick her forest and her world was dying sh...
Nashi<bad Boy Book 4> by Katelyn_Winter
Nashiby Katelyn Dargneel
Lucy spend her last moment on earth everyone was slint and in pain what will happen ?