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"Sebastian Stan Oneshots" | COMPLETED by TatathePotato
"Sebastian Stan Oneshots" | Mother Tata
Mabuhay! Welcome! and bună! This oneshots, imagines, prompts or references about our adorable Papichullo and his characters are rightfully made by your potato queen. Cov...
Nuked by ESHurricane
Nukedby Emily S Hurricane
Collection of one-shots in the Fallout 4 universe and others, written for the Fanfic Bootcamp at @fanfic. Can be read together or separately, whatever tickles your fancy.
Fanfic Bootcamp / CLOSED by Fanfic
Fanfic Bootcamp / CLOSEDby Fanfiction
Attention! Gear up soldiers this is Fanfic Bootcamp and you can bet you will write up a sweat here! You will be tested, you will be challenged, and you will be pushed to...
Fanfic Bootcamp // SPN Edition by luciferspinkwings
Fanfic Bootcamp // SPN Editionby ℓυ¢ιfєя
This book is absolute trash but so are you! Everything is absolute trash and this is the trashcan kingdom. Come right in and read this trash, you trash! Rankings the tr...
FanFic Bootcamp by TheSilverFox96
FanFic Bootcampby TheSilverFox96
This is a compilation of all my entries into the 'FanFic Bootcamp' as run by @Fanfic. Entries will be uploaded weekly for the months of June, July and August 2018. Fando...
Free Falling - Batman Beyond Fanfic by yemihikari
Free Falling - Batman Beyond Fanficby Yemi Hikari
Terry's angry for everyone keeping who his real father is a secret, so he takes to flying the night skies in the Batsuit in an attempt to gain some kind of normality. Di...
Arslan Fanfic (Flashfic) by rinwriter
Arslan Fanfic (Flashfic)by rinwriter
My entry for the fanfic boot camp competition. My OC Avin is a priestess traveling with Farangis to help prince Arslan on his journey. What kind of people will she meet...
Fanfic Bootcamp by TanishiGola
Fanfic Bootcampby A_Coloured_Shadow
In this story I present to you some lovely fanfiction! These are my entries for the Fanfic Bootcamp, the fanfiction writing contest that is being held by Fanfic.
Impressions (Batman Beyond Fanfic) by yemihikari
Impressions (Batman Beyond Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Kelly's first impression of the boy who would become Batman is... Disclaimer - I don't own Batman Beyond. This was written for the first round of Fanfic Bootcamp. The go...
Camp Justice by JoeRover2
Camp Justiceby Joe Rover
A fanfiction involving various DC Comics characters, specifically the younger generation, and staring Superman's son Jon Kent. Summer vacation has started and in an att...
Fanfic Bootcamp Entries by SilverhawkA
Fanfic Bootcamp Entriesby SilverhawkA
A collection of my entries for the fanfic bootcamp contest hosted by official wattpad fanfic profile
fanfic bootcamp by voxofp
fanfic bootcampby voxofp
just taking a few challenges...
GNxDDD Does Bootcamp! by GNxDDD
GNxDDD Does Bootcamp!by G
My entries for the 'Fanfic Bootcamp' Event - the complete collection.
Fanfic Bootcamp Entries by lgbtlily
Fanfic Bootcamp Entriesby 𝙡𝙞𝙡𝙮
An organized place for me to upload all of my entries for the Fanfic Bootcamp competitions
Fanfic Bootcamp - Review Book by yemihikari
Fanfic Bootcamp - Review Bookby Yemi Hikari
Yet another one of my review books, this one done for some, but not all, of the stories I read for Fanfic Bootcamp.
Contests, Designs & Other Stuff by JoeRover2
Contests, Designs & Other Stuffby Joe Rover
A collection of contests I've entered and graphic design samples. Winner of the Magic Holiday Thrills contest-Dec 2017 Winner of the Super Christmas contest/prompt-Dec 2...
Fanfic Bootcamp Submissions- Bannapower12 by BannaPower12
Fanfic Bootcamp Submissions- Charlotte Wellman
My Submissions for @fanfic's "Fanfiction Bootcamp" writing contests!
Private Rank Drabble (Fanfic Boot Camp 2018) by TheDuckOnTheBlock
Private Rank Drabble (Fanfic Elizabeth Waters
Have you ever flipped open the cover of a book and felt like you've been transported to a whole other universe?
Emergence by the_rising_dragon
Emergenceby _______ ______
My entry for Fanfic Bootcamp. Peace out. (: [TRD]
Fanfic Bootcamp Entries by R5getsLOUDER
Fanfic Bootcamp Entriesby Jordan
I figured I'd give this contest a shot. I'm always looking at the contests but I don't like the prompts for any of my fandoms. Hopefully, I'll be good to go with this co...