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Is Love Measured On This ? 💔❤️ (COMPLETED) by KavyaKa2800
Is Love Measured On This ? 💔❤️ ( KavyaKa2800
Have a look at a different life story of Samaina. Is love really measured on ... Read and find out. 2nd place in Samainafanficawards ❤️
It's a sequel of the story "EVEN IF HE DIES IT'S GONNA BE HIM". There their story ends with a baby here their story starts with a baby. In this story Taehyung...
Two broken and Lost Souls  by Lafayette_The_Fry
Two broken and Lost Souls by Lafayette_The_Fry
Audrian Stetz, 5'7, 14yrs old, 8th grade, high school. He's the new kid, and ready to show the others where he stands, and ready to be known as, "That creepy, quiet...
The Girl Who Cried At Age Seven by -wonderfull
The Girl Who Cried At Age Sevenby [char the great]
Maria Tuplin hated being compared to her older sister. "Because I'll always be that girl whose sister was loved by all." When Amy starts practicing with her ne...
Known stranger by trepaseium
Known strangerby Tanvi agarwal
Forced to marry by family . Girl agree on condition that she will never again talk to them, they thought of her bluffing and ignored her wishes. After all boy was from a...
Life Could Be A Dream by AnnaWentz6
Life Could Be A Dreamby Anna Wentz
This is a true story about young love and its consequences. This is my story and his story. It all started in Graphic Arts Class at a Technical Highschool 3 years ago. H...
Might As Well Kill Myself by beastsurrendered
Might As Well Kill Myselfby Bea Jarabe
"I picked up my sword and slaughtered my way in. Blood was beginning to shower. I rushed my pace. No time to check. What came to mind, I wrote."