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Imprisoned by vedashrey
Imprisonedby Vedashree ✰
Serena can't stand her family, even when it means little arguments. Based on the true stories of being a teenager in a family and meant for that teenager. Enjoy!
Apostate  by HayllieCrimson
Apostate by 🖋️HayllieCrimson🖋️
You have to do what you have to do even if it will cost you everything... I'm telling you this as a: A girl An illegal spawn A warrior And most importantly as a HUMAN
Family Comes First by AKRiske15
Family Comes Firstby NAENAE
Lauren has ten over-protective brothers, one of which is her twin brother. She is starting high school and will be going to school with some of her brothers and some of...
Aaliyah Salvatore by AlyssaHandley
Aaliyah Salvatoreby AlyssaHandley
As a baby she was put in Mystic Falls Orphanage she had no one and no name until they gave her one.... growing up she was treated bad and starved, abused and hurt until...
New to the Family by masonfitzzy
New to the Familyby Mason FitzGibbon
A spin-off to the Family Comes First series. The Wilcox family became famous for their kidnappings, brainwashing, murders, and let's not forget about cannibalism. This...
Raven Naomi Minaj Salvatore by AlyssaHandley
Raven Naomi Minaj Salvatoreby AlyssaHandley
young daughter of Damon Salvatore and Nicki Minaj.
Dear Mother  by YoungWolf22
Dear Mother by YoungWolf22
Daily words of Encouragement and Love from a daughter to her Mother.
Lillian Salvatore by AlyssaHandley
Lillian Salvatoreby AlyssaHandley
Lillian named after her late Grandmother is daughter of Damon Salvatore. she struggles with depression and self harm along with many other things so what happens when sh...
Family comes first (Theo story  by raekentalbot
Family comes first (Theo story by Serpent queen 🐍🐍
I want to make a story about Theo if he was still alive in family comes first.
Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued] by onlyluv4you
Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued]by 𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞
Avery Davis was alone in the world. She was kicked out by her parents and forced to live on the streets with no money or shelter. She often had to do almost anything jus...
kiddnaped by my brother's......(completed) by brokxnhxartbx
kiddnaped by my brother's......( Alexis Johnson
Faith is a fifteen year old girl with an ordinary life. But when she catches her best friend and her brother together, they get into a fight and she leaves the house.wh...
Stole by emchmu123
Stoleby emchmu123
Not the same plot as FCF, but I was definitely inspired by the story. This is a horror book about a girl being kidnapped into a man's home. He lives with his sister and...
Golden fields by CharleneLehmanHellen
Golden fieldsby Charlene Lehman-Hellens
Imagine a world where you had no choice of privilege or poverty. A world that had been nearly wiped out by some strange virus and no one knew the source or our why it k...
Family comes Fifth by Kozmotrpica
Family comes Fifthby ❤AriAnA❤
Once upon a time, there was a prince who claimed family should always come first, but failed to prove it with his actions. 👑 His family scattered around the kingdom in...
Family Comes First Roleplay Book by Kina_Leagea
Family Comes First Roleplay Bookby .-.-.Swirly Clown.-.-.
A roleplay book about my favorite books by a fantastic author. Read the Family Comes First Trilogy as well!!!
Gifted by Tater_Tot_Writes
Giftedby Tater_Tot
One test. That was their chance. If they passed, they were exterminated. If they failed, they lived to see another day. Ellie and Hailey meant everything together. They...
Why not by mxminicky
Why notby mxminicky
A girl and her best friend of 4 years let's relationships come between there loyalty and friendship.
Freedom comes third (Family comes first) by HopeBlair-
Freedom comes third (Family Hope Blair-Coats
I have permission from Masonfitzzy to incorporate some of his story to write a kind of continual of his Family comes first story. This is after Jimmy got out of jail and...
Just being who I am by alyssahandley55
Just being who I amby Alyssa Handley
this is about a young girl and her family, and how they come to be.