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Meant To Be by lovedtodream
Meant To Beby Lovedtodream
"Good morning love, did you sleep well?" he breathe, in a hoarse voice placing a kiss on my lips. "Good morning. And yes I had a lovely sleep. Just a lit...
Lessons learned by Kthomas325
Lessons learnedby Kat Thomas
She found herself in The worst possible position while in graduate school with one year left. To finish school and graduate after her family cut all ties with her she ha...
Falling Hard by Star-Keys
Falling Hardby {Lucy}
Natsu, is in love with Lisanna. But then he meets Lucy. They quickly become best friends. Lucy soon realizes she is in love with Natsu. Lisanna and Natsu start to date...
Innocent Imaan by Mubthu
Innocent Imaanby Mubthu
Imaan Sadakhah A girl struggling with her marriage life desperately trying to get her husband's attention and love and failing miserably each second of the day she's co...
wonderful chances of the world  by EmmaleeAtherton
wonderful chances of the world by EmmaleeAtherton
two guys that have been best friends since they could remember fall in love with many that have turned against them except for each other they conquer the impossible
Falling Hard (Dean x Reader) *DISCONTINUED* by AngelGraceWithin
Falling Hard (Dean x Reader) *DISC...by AngelGraceWithin
You loved Dean Winchester. Until one fatal day, everything in your life turned around. You can't remember anything. But then you meet Dean again. And once more, you're f...
Moments || p.m ♡ by fanficsss__
Moments || p.m ♡by ℙ𝕒𝕪𝕥𝕠𝕟𝕤 𝕎𝕚𝕗𝕖 🥴💓
You werent supposed to fall in love with him, only play him. Read to find out :))
my everything by twiliqhterr
my everythingby sky
because without realising, they became my everything. • one shot || completed 6 july 2020 •
Here | Ethan Dolan Fanfiction by Cute_Dolanx
Here | Ethan Dolan Fanfictionby 💙G.D & E.D💜
"I'm always here for you. I'm always there for you". "What why?" 💜"Because I love you..."💜 ________________________ Rank #1 in Fallinghard
Never Let You go by HorrorQueen1315
Never Let You goby HorrorQueen1315
Meet Katelyn Tachibana. She is the younger sister of Lindo and the twin sister of risuka tachibana. Katelyn is a smart, outgoing, shy, fun, and a funny girl. She's 16 an...
Loving A Marine by hoops2324
Loving A Marineby hoops2324
First Lieutenant Riley Parker has spent the last 6 years of his life devoted to the Marine Corps. Now that he's discharged and mentally broken, he goes back home to the...
HELP! I Don't Know Who I'm Falling For! by Neekcole
HELP! I Don't Know Who I'm Falling...by Neekcole
I looked to the guy whose melodic laugh and sweet scent I have grown accustomed to. The guy with striking blue eyes, tight abs and a heart of gold. The guy who bought me...
High School Love by BLueMaelyn
High School Loveby She
It's a story about love in highschool. The kind of love story that most of teens nowadays.
The one..(L(G)BTQ+ by TheOneshyKid
The one..(L(G)BTQ+by TheOneshyKid
This is the story of how I met my Love..The one person who was always there.
The Oddly Entertaining Bunch by Hufflespuffles
The Oddly Entertaining Bunchby Alys.
A Family sat on the stairs of the crooked small house smiling. A Stern young woman keeping track of everything around her. A kind young man smiling. His face covered in...
DARE by whydontwe2595
DAREby whydontwe2595
This book isn't going to be the best because this is my first book and I'm going to have writers block for a while so the chapters are going to suck... "Go ask her...
love struck in LA Beau brooks by Ariannadianna
love struck in LA Beau brooksby arianna
Ella is starting a new life in America expecting it be easy but once she falls for Beau Brooks from the Janoskians her life will change forever
Hotel Ceiling by rixtonbabe
Hotel Ceilingby rixtonbabe
Slowly editing cuz it sucks and I hate how it just looks and sounds. Melody loves to sing. It's her talent. Her calling. So when she sings a gig at the Thornton Hotel...