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FairyTail Facts by RirichiyoShira
FairyTail Factsby MarryKozakura
Fairy Tail Facts ! Lots of facts about Fairy Tail like : *Dose Hiro Mashima Ship Nalu or Nali , *Different Ships , *What Hiro Mashima thinks . And many more . If you w...
My fake love!! { gruvia fanfic } by m_mehvi
My fake love!! { gruvia fanfic }by m_mehvi
Juvia was a very shy girl who went through tough childhood and trusted a very few people in her life. she was transfer along with his classmte gajeel to fairytail high s...
A Vampire's Desire  by LucyxNatsu32
A Vampire's Desire by Aniyah Callahan
Kingdom of Fiore. A town called Magnolia, ruled by the Fairy Tail kingdom. Makarov Dreyar as the third ruler, who is a vampire, has 4 children and one nephew, all of the...
Dragon Queens Savior (On Hold)  by AnimeLover-2018
Dragon Queens Savior (On Hold) by AnimeLover-2018
After Lisanna lies to fairy tail about Lucy , only a few friends knows that she's not the one who caused Lisanna's injuries , she then goes to her mother to find out the...
FAIRY TAIL STORY- A NALI FAN-FICTION by kawaiiotakuneko-chan
FAIRY TAIL STORY- A NALI FAN-FICTI...by shirayukitohanabi
Fairy tail guild is always cheerful,fun. Everything they do they do it together. Nothing can separate them. Not even Acnologia! But is that really true? Are they really...
My One And Only by BeautifulMusic48
My One And Onlyby Willow Wildflower
Hi everyone! This is my first ever story, so I hope you really enjoy it!
Our Choices (Nalu,Gruvia,Gale,MiraxusJerza) by alistarlionheart
Our Choices (Nalu,Gruvia,Gale,Mira...by elly
Mira,Erza,Lucy,Juvia and Levy are shock to hear a secret that change their life three hundred sixty degree. All five of them embark on a new journey where they have to s...
Let Me Hold You by Shabbib
Let Me Hold Youby Shay
Lucy Heartfilia is the new girl at school, she quickly find's herself making friends and even finds a crush. How she would grow to love this goofy, salmon haired dummy h...
Fairy Shots; Fairy Tail Oneshots by Skyblueyes
Fairy Shots; Fairy Tail Oneshotsby Sky-chan! <3
Hello there!! You have stumbled upon Fairys' Shots by Skyblueyes! In this book, you can request to Sky about her adding your OTP or fave couples, and then, when she gets...
the Queen of the dragons by iamjoleneee
the Queen of the dragonsby cute alien
Lucy gets kicked out the guild and wants to get revenge by joining sabertooth but has to rule the dragon realm will Lucy be able to get revenge or will she have to rule...
Christmas Day *special* by shadowlucy
Christmas Day *special*by Lucky lucy
Natsu and lucy get invited to a Christmas party that levy and Mira say is definitely gonna get them together but will natsu get his kiss? Or will lucy diss him? Or will...
The Love Of A Princess And A Dragon by The7Dragneels
The Love Of A Princess And A Dragonby WonderfulMusicVibes 48
Hi, everyone! This is my first ever story, so I hope you like it. Also, please subscribe to my channel WonderfulMusicVibes 48 in YouTube!
Fairy Tail Ships And Random Stuff X3 by XxLady_AcexX
Fairy Tail Ships And Random Stuff...by LuckyAce☆
I think this book will have weird and good ones this book is just me reacting to some ships (I think theres going to be a lot of weird ones so good luck me) Disclaimers...
My opinion on Fairy Tail Ships. by Astar--
My opinion on Fairy Tail Ships.by Astrology or Astar~!
Hiya~! This is my opinion please to get mad. I own nothing! Fairy Tail is by Hiro Mashima
Baby Just Realize (Fairy Tail Couples Story) by angelkiss17
Baby Just Realize (Fairy Tail Coup...by angelkiss17
This story is about the couples you ship on fairy tail and here's a fanfic I made about their adventures and how they handle and encounter the most troublesome thing for...
Finding You by VickieCollins59
Finding Youby Vickie Collins
Fairy Tail is being torn apart during the big war. What happens when Natsu confesses his feelings to Lucy? Read this adventurous, heartwarming story to find out.
Fairy Tail Vacation Couples (with seasons and episodes) by DawnEvelyn
Fairy Tail Vacation Couples (with...by DawnEvelyn
Can't Fairy Tail Couples get Vacation time for like 2 weeks.
Fairy Tail: More Than Meets The Eye (Featuring some NaLu, RoWen, GaLe, StingYu, and Rogina ((Rogue x Callina (OC) )) by Claricethetomboy357
Fairy Tail: More Than Meets The Ey...by Clarice
(This is focused on my Fairy Tail OC, Callina "Callie" Dawnbreak. Go check Her out on my deviantart! :3 ) Callina "Callie" Dawnbreak is just an ord...