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The New Family Jungkook X Reader  [BOOK 2] by -fadedkook
The New Family Jungkook X Reader...by ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️
YAY lol this is the sequel to Just A Crush :) You and Jungkook are newly weds and applied for a television show called The New Family, a reality show where celebrity fa...
Love that never fades by grizsiella
Love that never fadesby Hachuuü
COMPLETED CARTER SIBLINGS #2 Rylee Mariella Serino, a fashion model, met a guy who changed her life. The things that she experienced gave her a gift from God. Will she f...
Mistakes (Vampire Academy) by CaroleRose_
Mistakes (Vampire Academy)by CaroleRose_
Written after an event during Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy) Feeling rejected and lonely after Dimitri tells her 'Love fades, mine has' Rose finds it best to run away fr...
The Final Attempt by TheAuroraLights
The Final Attemptby Rosey
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns PJO/HOO. What happens when Zeus decides to turn the army immortal? The Fates respond in the worst way. Alone and desperate to survive, Perc...
Kissing Lost Love Goodbye by ElishaR
Kissing Lost Love Goodbyeby Elisha
This is just a short love story that I wrote in less than a day. It won't take more than 15 minutes to read and I actually enjoyed writing this because it has some depth...
Behind the smile by AylaFo
Behind the smileby AylaFo
A poem about the true feelings behind the smile some of us are experiencing
Tore My Heart Open by sydneyfallingforever
Tore My Heart Openby Sydney
As my heart grew hope in you You dropped my spirit down Telling me what you have done Broke my heart into two read more
Love That Never Fades by emilynicole34
Love That Never Fadesby Emily
Niall Horan is happily married to Nicole. There is no doubt that they were a match made in heaven. But what happens when the unexpected and feared comes true. Can someon...
Hope Fades by nootnoot520
Hope Fadesby pro nootnoot
Abreeah is love struck. She thinks that her all time love won't ever know her and she will just be alone. Her keeps her in a trance all day and this is how she handled it
colors by katnip_rose
colorsby katnip_rose
"I cant seem to dream in color anymore," she whispered to him. "some nights I dont think I dream at all." he took her hand and looked straight into h...
Everthing EVERYTHING by whatlife55
Everthing EVERYTHINGby Makenna Bryant
Two girls one boy trying to survive highschool. We join Amanda, cassie and Conner on there quest to get through high school alive and well. They hit some few bumps but t...
Old Trees by PYRCancio
Old Treesby PYRCancio
Sometimes, love fades.
Love Fades(OneShotStory) by whatswronglady
Love Fades(OneShotStory)by 𝔘𝔫𝔨𝔫𝔬𝔴𝔫 𝔏𝔞𝔡𝔶
Love fades when it is not given attention. But the truth is, love did not really fades it was just hiding there.
When The Love Fades by aquarcses
When The Love Fadesby aquarcses
When the love fades: A dystopian fiction where you are forced to tattoo the name of your partner on your arm. However, if their love fades, the tattoo does too. And if t...